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Sad Day for Freedom

Still yesterday I wrote that we currently live in an insane world of war and violence, without knowing, that exact this will be proven just hours later. Actually, I want to announce my next nude trip in another way, but now I don’t know if I can feel free as I would love to do … Brussels will be on my spring tour in April. Of course I will not giving them what they want, that we change our way of life and I think especially my way of life is a big thorn in their eyes. 

As I did in Amsterdam and dozens of cities I will do it in Brussel and I want to have the natural right to be as I am everywhere! 


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Because they cannot be beaten with weapons only with courage for freedom. I really appreciate your support very much and hope you continue making this possible!

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Hope to find back in a good mood soon … 

Kisses Vienna


  1. Vienna
    I adore you for your exhibitionism, but I love you for your personal philosophy. We are alike in so many ways. Thank you for helping to promote peace on this planet, and for helping us all strive to achieve the “natural right to be as I am everywhere! “

    • <3 :***

      • As David said, Vienna You are very positive person smiling everywhere and we – all the fans – are loving You for it. Do not let anyone or anything to change it. Your smile and good mood brings smile on my face and good mood to me.
        So, Vienna, I want You to know this: all that You do is worth Your effort, because You bring something good and positive in all of us.

  2. As beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.

    Viel liebe, goddess.

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