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Brussel Hotel – fantastic view

Hi Guys,

our Hotel room in Brussel had a fantastic City view. I love to lay behind the window enjoying the warm sunbeam hear music or read a book.

The best way to relax after an exciting nude sightseeing day.

Some more explicit views in todays bonus section … it’s worth to come in 😉



Some video snaps of what happens later this day coming soon this weekend! Verryyyyy hoooooot and exciting 😉

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Kisses vienna


  1. Vienna!, what a great photos!… I am amazed by You once more.
    The first picture is fantastic, I love how panties underline Your Your pussy lips – what a great view.
    And the third picture: “Fashion” is Your middle name. This is like a statement!
    You are amazing.

    Congratulations to Matt, the photographer!

  2. Dear V
    You look amazing. Your pussy peaking out your panties.
    You tease, I love you.
    Thinking of new adventures in your hotel for your fans. Can’t wait for your next book.
    Keep nude & beautiful.

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