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Stimulating lecture – video previews

Hi Guys,

This is the story behind the pics on my blog during the last 2 days!

After the exciting Brussel nude sightseeing I came back to the Hotel in the afternoon. Time to have a little rest and enjoying the great view over the City from our Hotel room.

The sun heated up the space behind the big window, so I decided to enjoy this warm sunlight on my nude skin and laying into the window. What’s better than to read a book and have a coffee after a really exciting and successful day?

The first video in my todays bonus post!…re-bonus-video/


Shades of grey was the best stuff for this moment.


When I read how Ana starts to masturbate in front of Christian I start to get really horny … reading this hot stuff, laying nude in the window with the imagine, that somebody is watching me now and Matt in front of me with his cam in hands … my mind start spinning around, my pussy slowly became more and more moist and I started to do what I read. My hands starts slowly stroke along my body over my boobs down over my belly and further to my moist pussy.


I love the imagine, that somebody from the street or a house on the opposite is watching me now …

If you like to see all this in motion have a look in the todays Bonus section with very naughty videos 😉…ow-bonus-video/

Kisses Vienna

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  1. Yes dear, it’s always a pleasure to watching you in intimacy, please I ‘m there, but don’t stop….

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