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Jogging and Flashing

what a great weather today! Perfect for doing my workout in the nature. A nice run through the vineyards and the woods. If I had my way I would run the whole way in the nude but I think I would have to many joggers around and I do not wish to spend my time with talking when making my workout, hehe


So I did just some flashing and being nude later on my terrace :***

Have you all a nice weekend!

Kisses Vienna


  1. You are a lovely sight naked in the great outdoors, Vienna!

  2. Hi,

    Sag bescheid wenn du das nächste mal in der gegend laufen bist, dann komm ich mit 😉 Ist ja auch gar nicht weit weg von mir 🙂 Du wohnst ja quasi in der nähe 😉


  3. Ohh, Vienna, You have amazing sporty and fit body.
    This stomach of Yours – fantastic!!!
    Kisses :-*

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