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Birthday Dinner

I want to share with you some moments of my fantastic birthday dinner with Matt last Saturday. Matt, me and of course the waiter had a fantastic evening with a lot of fun and full of jokes 🙂 

… and I know how to keep the boys away from the CL final, hehe



Just a hint for all supporters of the month … I have some very naughty pics for you in the pipe, so it will be very naughty tomorrow or the day after 🙂

Kisses Vienna

Birthday Greetings

On the way to my Birthday dinner … Vienna I am coooooooming 🙂


2 days till Bday

My birthday is just two days away … I got some requests if I have a wish … 

Most I love to read your letters! And if you like to gift something, for adding a donation I’ll send you the current password for the bonus posts 🙂  (Postfach 18, A-2544 Leobersdorf, Austria)

Of course I am also really happy to get your donation via ccbill … did you already consider to save your private signed book exemplar??? YES, also this is now possible 🙂


Just a click away on the DONATION button in the right side bar.

What’s my present to you? You like it, hehe 🙂


Now it’s your turn … how would you like to see me on my birthday?

kisses Vienna


New York – Voyeurweb Contri

In my current contri at voyeurweb I look back to a fantastic trip to the great city of New York in November 2015. Did you already watched it?



One of my absolute favorites … Looking to the statue of liberty – urban nudity is my personal liberty!

Kisses Vienna


HOT Imagination – nude between my fans

Today my first way was to our post office. The first signed books are now on the way to USA. Thank you Brian and Dave for your great support, it was a pleasure for me to write you some personal lines into the book and marked it in my special way. 😉


I hope you will enjoy all the nude urban images and I look forward to your feedback 🙂

And honestly it turned me really really on to sit in the hot sun knowing that you will look on my nude urban images. I imagined to have a fan meeting with all book buyers. All of you would be clothed and I am the only nude one. This imagine turned me so on, wow … I had to take off my wicked weasel panty to avoid wet stains, hehe but to feel the warm sun on my pussy increased my naughtiness … I think it’s clear what I had to do 🙂


I really hope that I will have more of this great opportunity to give a personal dedication inside my book. 

How to get? >>>HERE

Kisses Vienna

Road Bike Tour

I love sport and my roadbike is my preferred „sport-toy“, hehe …

Yesterday Matt and I did a tour to a local mountain. The sun heated me really up … what a luck, that I could open my bike suit zip. I think my titties nearly popped nearly out whilst I was riding my bike. Despite of the warm temperatures my nipples stand hard the whole time, and it was not because of the wind, hehe




Once at the top I bounced out of the suit and enjoyed to go back nude on my bike … and my hard saddle, rrrhhh… . A really naughty bike tour!

The nude ones in the bonus post of today 🙂


Kisses Vienna

Protected: Road Bike Tour – BONUS

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Enjoying Sun and Signing Books – Videos

Today I used the wonderful weather to enjoy the sun on my nude skin and writing the first personal dedications inside the reward books which are going out for your support over ccbill.

Finally I have the chance to write inside the books my personal feelings about having such great fans … of course with my sign … and not only a written one, mmmhhh…


A book for all sense … nice to look, read and smell, hehe …

Kisses Vienna


You also want to have a book with your „dedication“ …?!





Send me a letter with your donation (according to ccbill amounts, 55 softcover, 65 hardcover) to:

Postfach 18

A-2544 Leobersdorf


Nothing more to write on the envelope. Don’t forget to give me your shipment address.


I am (n)u(e)rban – 3 WAYS TO GET IT


Hi Guys,

I realized, that it’s not that easy to give everybody the chance to buy my book. Some of you wont buy at blurb, because I cannot sign the books which are purchased by blurb.

Therefore I found a way now to give everybody the chance to get a SIGNED book by donation with ccbill. But unfortunately, it seems, that not every creditcard or bank account is possible at ccbill.

What to do …??? Send me your donation by postal mail 🙂

So these are your possibilities:

1. Buy classical at Blurb

2. Make a donation with ccbill. You will find the correspondending amounts.





3. Send me a letter with your donation (according to ccbill amounts, 55 softcover, 65 hardcover) to:

Postfach 18

A-2544 Leobersdorf


Nothing more to write on the envelope. Don’t forget to give me your shipment address.


I hope now everybody will find the perfect way to get it, … 

Many kisses and thousand thanks to all supporter! YOU MAKE IT POSSIBLE 🙂

Stay tuned there will come exciting news about my visit at Valencia Sex Festival in June!


Kisses Vienna

I do it my (nude) way!


Of course it’s an exciting feeling and a big rush when I am nude in public, but at the end it should be the most natural thing on earth to be nude and to feel confident with being nude. Only the inhibited society rules makes it to something … uuuhhh

This is what I want to share with the world and this is what I want to communicate with my nude travels and projects. 

When making my nude is natural video in Belvedere Castle in Vienna between all the tourists I felt completely confident with the situation and it was great atmosphere of freedom there on this day. I got so many positive feedback from passing tourists and locals. These are the moments when I know it’s the right way!

All who loves what I do, may it be only for your voyeurism or may it be because you also dedicated to nudism and naturalism come and join my project! Every support helps to continue and every single donation is a great appreciation that you give to my work and makes me happy and proud!

Buying my book “I am (n)u(e)rban” is a the biggest tribute you can give for my lifestyle and brings you public nudity views that you probably have never seen before!

Next to blurb you have now also the possibility to get a signed exemplar it with a donation over ccbill 🙂


Check out my books

My book “I am (n)u(e)rban” is the product of my nude adventures from 2010 – 2014.

The second part is already in progress with many even more spectacular nude pics at fantastic places. There are motives in front of Cologne Cathedral and Roman Vatikan, having a nude break with New York Skyline behind as well as nude Vespa fun in Barcelona or staying nude in front of Big Ben and in the middle of Grand Place in Brussels. These are only some of the motives which you can expect. 

Stay always tuned!

Nude kisses Vienna

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