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HOT Imagination – nude between my fans

Today my first way was to our post office. The first signed books are now on the way to USA. Thank you Brian and Dave for your great support, it was a pleasure for me to write you some personal lines into the book and marked it in my special way. 😉


I hope you will enjoy all the nude urban images and I look forward to your feedback 🙂

And honestly it turned me really really on to sit in the hot sun knowing that you will look on my nude urban images. I imagined to have a fan meeting with all book buyers. All of you would be clothed and I am the only nude one. This imagine turned me so on, wow … I had to take off my wicked weasel panty to avoid wet stains, hehe but to feel the warm sun on my pussy increased my naughtiness … I think it’s clear what I had to do 🙂


I really hope that I will have more of this great opportunity to give a personal dedication inside my book. 

How to get? >>>HERE

Kisses Vienna


  1. Hi,

    that would be something. Vienna and her Fans meeting in Vienna 🙂


  2. Dear Vie
    “Nude between Fans”.I love this scenario. I want a foto with you clothed & you nude next to me.A room full of your clothed fans, & you are in the room, nude. All your fans to be there to see you, like the Queen bee surrounded by drones ( tasty honey). A turn on. A room of hard cocks & just you wet with pleasure, everyone having time with you ( fotos too).
    Please post fan fotos in Valencia.
    I love you more Vie
    Luv Woody

    having fotos with you & more. Hope
    you post fan fotos in Valencia.
    I love you more

    you post fan fotos in Valencia for us.
    I love more after your “sandwich”comments

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