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Get now your SIGNED BOOK exemplar

Hello Everybody 🙂

I have fantastic news for everybody who think about to get my book “I am (n)u(e)rban” but wasn’t familiar with the not personalized way over blurb.

From today, everybody who donates the amount of 55 Euro will automatically gain a softcover exemplar of the book and with a donation of 65 Euro you gain your personal hardcover exemplar and in addition you certainly get the password for my current bonus posts!

All you have to do is making the donation over the donation button or use the link below:


There you will find the related amounts. Shortly after your donation I will send you an email and ask you for the shipment address and (the best) which personal dedication I should insert 🙂 Additional shipment cost will not come up. The only disadvantage against buying it at blurb is that it can take some days longer till you have it – because I have to order it at blurb by myself 😉

Book + Password = Perfect Way to Celebrate my Birthday in May 🙂


If you hesitated so far … there is no more reason to do it longer. Everybody who have the book is an important success-factor for the entire project :***

Million kisses Vienna


Naughty Trip to Brno – Car Video

Today I come up with a short car video from our trip to Brno.


More extraordinary hot nude city pics from Brno in the todays Bonus post!…-bonus-pics-ii/

Save your password with your donation or buying my book! Every month many extra pics and vids :)))


Buy my book here:

I am (n)u(e)rban Softcover
I am (n)u(e)rb…
Nude Urban Style
By Vienna Love
Photo book

… everything around is full of people, I open my ziiiiiiiiiip completely … and than I am nude. It’s such a wonderful feeling, out of my clothes out of constrains JUST ME Vienna. I feel the eyes on my body … adrenalin, naughty, freedom, happy!

Many kisses Vienna


Protected: Naughty Trip to Brno – Bonus Pics II

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Meet me in Valencia at VSF

Hi Guys!

You’ve always wanted to meet me in person?! So this is your chance!

June, 9th and 10th I will be at the Valencia Sex Festival. The festival is a great idea of some Spanish friends. The aim is to combine culture, art and porn in one festival. I was chosen to be one main art attraction there, woohoo that sounds really strange, hehe

Here you can find all information:

What do you think … time to meet! And be sure I’ll be there “Vienna-Styled” or let’s say in my “Nude-Couture” 😉

AAAAAAAND … you will also have the chance to buy my book for a special price WITH personal dedication and of course a “Bussi” for all buyers, hehe


Kisses Vienna

Naughty Trip to Brno

Spring, Sun, Flowers, … and I am in the mood to be nude!

So we decide to make a short trip to the lovely City of Brno in Czechia, which is not so far away from Vienna.


All the people where really relaxed there and it was such a fun to be completely nude in the City. Of course Matt was always on my side with cam and photo in hand. So you will nothing miss of this great naughty trip on my blog.


I choose my new zip-dress for the trip and of course I didn’t wear any undies. Already inside the car I started to play with the zip (and not only the zip … hehe) … really hard to concentrate on driving for Matt …


I love this new dress, with one short hand movement I can decide what my opposite can see and I really loved to play with both zippers


Having a rest on the main square of Brno and give the bypassers some explicit insights was a big fun for me, hehe


For all supporters and book buyers of the month there will be super sexy and naughty bonus pics and videos during the next days!

Let’s start today with some completely nude pics in the middle of Brno’s lovely old town.

Kisses Vienna

Protected: Naughty Trip to Brno – Bonus Pics

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Dinner with Stuart

As promised here are some pics and also two video sequences from my dinner with Stuart. Stuart had the luck to meet me “accidently” one day later again, hehe 🙂 – I will devote an extra post later this month on this second day!

I was so excited before the dinner! Matt made this little video snap in the hotel corridor on the way to the dinner.


A little present for Stuart “I am (n)u(e)rban”. He can truly say he is a big part of the book!

I got also a very naughty present … :)))

BTW … it’s my birthday month 😉 hehe

I am (n)u(e)rban Softcover
I am (n)u(e)rb…
Nude Urban Style
By Vienna Love
Photo book


Later we changed to a nearby pub.

Rainer, Joris, Stuart: I hope you guys enjoyed like I did?! Maybe a once in a life chance for all of us …

Kisses Vienna

Fanmeeting in Brussel

Hi Guys,

during my last travel I had the pleasure to meet 2 great long time fans in Brussel and London.


Joris and Stuart two really gentle persons! We spent 2 great evenings together and after all 3 dinners (Rainer in December, Joris and Stuart in April) I can only say it’s amazing what really lovely and great fans I have! I will never forget those evenings with the relaxed atmosphere we had on all 3 dinners.

Here are some snapshots from my dinner with Joris in Brussel! The ones from my dinner with Stuart will follow soon!


My little present  – “I am (n)u(e)rban” with personal dedication 🙂

I am (n)u(e)rban Softcover
I am (n)u(e)rb…
Nude Urban Style
By Vienna Love
Photo book

Kisses Vienna


Bratislava and Vienna Memories 2011 – Part II

And here we go.

As promised yesterday you can see the second part of my hot memories of May 2011 today. This absolut hot shot was done in May 2011 in Vienna short before a heavy thunderstorm hit the town.


4 more REALLY HOT pics from the shootings in Bratislava and Vienna in the today bonus post!…-bonus-pics-ii/

Here is how you get the password:

kisses Vienna

Protected: Bratislava and Vienna Memories 2011 – Bonus Pics II

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