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Thinking about Periscope for Live Broadcast

image-676x506Laying in bed and thinking about being a bad girl … do you like the imagine of periscope broadcasts? Let me know! I am thinking about to use it this weekend when making a hot trip.

kisses Vienna


  1. Great idea. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you live. Just be sure to let us know when a bit in advance.

  2. David Peterson

    June 23, 2016 at 10:49 pm

    I personally think that Periscope would be excellent for live broadcasts. I already use it to view people and presentations. Wow! Imagine being able to see you LIVE!! It would make us that much closer to you. We love you Vienna!

  3. Of course i’m a fan of life broadcasting. What “hot”trip are you going to make?

  4. Hi,

    Live mit dir unterwegs 🙂 Kling lustig und spannend 😉


  5. Oh, that sounds great 🙂
    Would love to see you …

  6. Liebe Vienna, es wäre eine sehr reizende Idee, Dich mal bei Deinen Aktionen sehen zu können. Ist der Periscope Broadcast auch später zu sehen? Oder geht das nur live? Bussi Dirk

  7. Vienna, fantastic idea!
    You will always come up with new and exciting ways to make us – Your fans – happy!
    Kisses, my Vogue model!

  8. Unbedingt

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