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Trip to Veszprem and Balaton Part II


Here we go with some more pics from the naughty trip to Veszprem and Balaton last weekend.

Today with some really hot additional pics in my bonus post 🙂 LINK TO BONUS POST

After dinner and a really hot photoshoot we left Veszprem in the afternoon for visiting the Balaton, Hungarians’ most famous and biggest lake.


Here I could finally wear my new hot wicked weasel swimsuit. It’s sooo… wicked to know that it’s becoming completely see-through when wet, I had to go to water all 5 minutes, hehe…

Both, the swimsuit and the hot pant are gifts from my great fan Bernie! I really hope you like your present on me 😉


Side Story about the trip:

To bring some additional “entertainment” and satisfaction into the trip I did a really exciting and naughty game with my fan Michael from Germany. He presented me a “magic motion” vibrator some weeks ago, which is controllable via app. So I wear this little friend inside me and from time to time he provided me some extra pleasure, woooow, … you can’t believe what happened with me during dinner.

Because it was such a great and naughty trip, I decided to come back to Balaton soon, if possible in July and of course again with Periscope and maybe some of you will be the lucky one who can give me some extra pleasure via “magic motion”! Would you like to control my vibrator?

Kisses Vienna


  1. David Peterson

    June 29, 2016 at 10:25 pm

    I would be honored to vibrate your parts! What an excellent idea. And we could watch it on Periscope while it was happening!

    As always, you are beautiful and we LOVE what you do!

  2. Hi,

    mir gefällt die Idee mit dem remote vibe. Wäre sicher auch genial nicht nur zu steuern, sondern deine Reaktionen darauf live zu sehen, via periscope?


  3. Vianna, when You are bending over, showing beautiful long legs and only an outline of Your pussy it IS pure feminine beauty and eroticism. Nude couture in best form possible.

    Tell us about the dinner, please. Please. PLEASE!!! 😀

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