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Protected: Live Bodypainting at Valencia Sex Festival – Bonus Video

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Body painting in Hotelroom

Hi Guys,

Next to have big fun I was also for promotion my nude urban project and especially my book “I am (n)u(e)rban” at Valencia Sex Festival. In the run-up of the festival we thought about how to bring the main information in focus. Together with Pictor Mulier (, my favorite erotic artist from Valencia – who already did a lot of great paintings of me – the idea came up to bring it on my nude body and I loved the idea from the first moment. I as his “MUSA PELIRROJA” as living canvas, great imagine! And so we did. We decided to draw the logotype “I am (n)u(e)rban “ on my front, starting just below my boobs downwards to my pussy and in the back directly above my ass.


Again you can find some video sequences within a bonus post, find HERE >>> BONUS VIDEOS


Later we finished with a live bodypaint on the exhibition. I really enjoyed the brush marks on my skin! These pics and vids will follow with my next post.

Kisses Vienna

Protected: Bodypainting in Hotelroom – Bonus Videos

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Voyeurweb Contri – Lovely Brno

Probably you already have seen my this month contri at voyeurweb. A fantastic romantic walk through the old town of the lovely czech City Brno. Let’s do it together?!


And BTW, don’t miss my naughty pics, vids and stories of Valencia Sex Festival which will follow this month. The first posts are already online but a lot more will come during the next days. The password for the BONUS posts you can get also by buying my ebook version! 🙂

Build up of Festival Stand

The Valencia Sex Festival is over, but not for you … for you the best time starts now! Tons of pictures and hooooot video material I have brought back from Valencia.

Already during the preparation I loved to be really revealed clothed. My top just covered the half of my titties and I enjoyed it when my nipples droped out at nearly every move I did. I am sure the workers which build up the stand noticed that, hehe.


They did a great job and it was a pleasure for me to give them a special sexy view during their work and of course we posed together for pictures after they finished work.


Still my pussy was completely covered … but also this should change soon 😉

The best, everything is captured on video by Matt!

Do you like this short sequence? 4 more bonus videos you can find here with the password for my current bonus posts!


No password? – HERE

BTW … some of you asked me if they can also have the password for buying the ebook. Mmmmhhh… normally this was not planned, but maybe my post was not really clear and for this reason I decided to give out the current password also when you buy the ebook and send the confirmation by email to me. 


Let’s start with the first pics and vids of the festival tomorrow!

Kisses Vienna

Protected: Build up of Festival Stand – Bonus Videos

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Interview with Female Flashers


My interview with the great maker of female flashers is already some weeks ago, but of course as valid as when I did.

It was a great pleasure to speak about my intentions, why I am doing all this, how it feels to stay nude in public and all the things my fans want to know. Don’t miss to read it, I really love it, because it hits always the point.

Go to Interview: HERE

Get the ebook “I am (n)u(e)rban” >>>



Valencia City Fun II

Hi Guys,

coming back with some more flash pics of my Valencia city trip.

My zip dress was the perfect outfit for playing with giving more or less views on pussy and boobs, hehe

The first completely nude pics of Valencia in my bonus pics of today 🙂


How to get the password? HERE THE INFORMATION YOU NEED

IMG_1764IMG_1774uups …

IMG_1812oh … don’t forget the downside zip, hehe

IMG_1895IMG_1709Did I lost something, mmmhhh … have to bend over 🙂

Did you already checked out my ebook?!

kisses Vienna

Protected: Valencia in the Nude – Bonus pics

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Proud to Present at Valencia Sex Festival

I am sooo… proud to present my nude project and especially my book “I am (n)u(e)rban” today and tomorrow at Valencia Sex Festival.

If you have the Chance, don’t miss it and meet me in person (and nude), if it’s not possible for you … make your day brighter with my book, hehe

Now also in ebook version! For less than 20$ a ticked for a priceless world tour with me in the nude, hehe

>>>get here you ebook<<<

BTW … the guys behind me do a great job! They deserve a big thanks from me …




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