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Out and about in Austrias Mountains

IMG_9047I love to be in the Austria beautiful mountains. There is no better place to come down after a long work week.

Put on a short hot-pant or even better a short skirt with nothing below and out in the nature for walking, running or climbing … happy are those behind me, hehe


kisses Vienna


  1. Beautiful as ever! I love your mountains the best!

  2. I’m sure it’s something behind you – a blade of grass or something – but in the second image it appears that you are dripping wet! Perhaps you are imagining my cock sliding inside you. Or perhaps it’s just me imagining that right now 😉

  3. This reminds me of the wonderfully romantic pictures of you in the mountains from a few years back – about the time you and Matt got married – if my memory serves me correctly.

    And you are looking as beautiful as then now!

  4. Hi Vienna!
    You are true Austrian highland girl!
    You look so cute in these green long socks and You look like You belong in this landscape.
    Can You please post (a lot) more pictures from this photo session?
    Kisses :-*

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