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Video Message

Hi Guys,

today I recorded a video message to push my campaign for the last 2 days. That not everything succeeds immediately you can see in the bloopers-video. Watch and have fun!

Entire Video Message >>> HERE

Time is running, only 2 days left! 2 days more to save you one of the great rewards which you can save with supporting my campaign. Save yourself a special early bird price for my books or pre-order my upcoming behind the scenes video, there is a big selection of great rewards, not to forget the very last available dinner or photoshoot weekend. Don’t hesitate till you have missed the last chance 😉


Not to forget you save the password for all special posts in August and September with your campaign support! Here is the list so far:

Sun cream for my pussy – Video

Traveling with transparent top – BONUS

Wearing plug-tail in public – Bonus

Wearing plug-tail – Bonus Vids & Pics

Strolling and Flashing around in Nice – Bonus Vid

Bonus snippets from Cap

Fun on Balcony – Bonus Video II

Fun on Balcony – Bonus Video

Summer Feeling II – Bonus Pics


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  1. You look so cute in this video. Thank You for sharing it with us.
    Stay nude and happy! :-*

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