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Preparing for a fan meeting

Hi Guys,

meetings with fans are something really great. Believe me when I say, not only my date is nervous and excited before the meeting. It’s a very exciting feeling to know that I will meet a fan and supporter who knows a lot of me from my blog and my social media accounts but I for myself don’t know the person so far but from some few emails. Last year I enjoyed 3 wonderful dinners with 3 great guys and it’s still deep in my memories.


Watch my video and see how I prepare for one of the meetings. It’s sooo… exciting to think back of these days!

Also within this kickstarter campaign 3 meetings, thereof 2 complete photoshoot weekends and one dinner in Vienna are already rewarded for the generous support of 3 supporter!

I can’t wait  guys and I am already really excited. Stuart, we will meet again, isn’t it wonderful?

The meetings should stay something very special therefore there is now only one very last dinner or photoshoot-weekend available. Maybe the last chance … 

I am sooo… curious if YOU will be my next date 😉

Kisses Vienna


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  1. To you I tell you one thing, “I Love You”

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