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Wearing plug-tail in public

Today in my bonus post, the second part of my ass-tail-plug fun in Cap d’Agde.



Here a little teaser for you 🙂

IMG_4353aHe wanted to touch my ass and get a photo … and of course I was a good girl and made him a happy guy 🙂


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 kisses your Vienna

Protected: Wearing plug-tail in public – Bonus

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Wearing my present – Feeling like a Sexy Fantasy Creature

Today is gonna be HOOOOOOOOOT because I was naughty, hehe

Do you remember the present I got from Stuart during our dinner in April …? I know so many of you like to see me “wearing” it.

The holidays in Cap d’Agde were the best chance to walk around and dance a whole night with the tail plugged in me. The people got crazy and I enjoyed all the reactions sooo… much.

Just a little preview:


More videos and many very hot pics of me “wearing” the tail-plug while walking around on the street and dancing on the terrace in my todays bonus post.


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kisses your naughty Vienna

Protected: Wearing plug-tail – Bonus Vids & Pics

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Changes for future blog concept


My great friends, fans and admires

After careful considerations and evaluation of all your comments and feedbacks and also personal talks with some of my best fans we decided to change the concept of the blog … not completely … but slightly within the next weeks.

In general everything will remain as usual but the share of bonus posts will be increased to honor those who make all this possible! I always was hoping that it will be equipoised of its own volition. But the values has shown more and more, that it’s a marginal amount of fans who shoulder the entire weight whilst all around get nearly the same advantages.

I was asked many times from regular supporters why I don’t make a pay site, because it would be much fairer, and I have to consider the feelings of my supporter. To leave it as it is would risk to loose also the regular supporters what would mean the end of the blog in fact.

It’s not my aim to speak about financial issues of all the things around Vienna-stuff but just to let you know one fact, I never reached the costs with the incomes in the past. It’s completely my passion not a job 😉

I know what I am doing is unique worldwide and you can’t find exhibitionism in this way somewhere else in internet, many fantastic other ways but not going into the mid of society and not in this fine art way.

What does it mean in fact? In the future for the most posts there will be a short preview available as free teaser for everybody, but the majority of pictures especially nude or with transparent clothes in public will be in the related bonus post. In this way I keep available for everybody but respect and honor my supporters more. Some posts will still keep completely free for everybody to inform you about news and plans.

How to get a password? The passwords will be change regular monthly or bi-monthly. To get a password is very easy, there are always 3 possibilities:


You can make a donation via donation button (ccbill) on my site – the password will be sent to you automatically within short time (if it’s not working send me an email and I will send the password) LINK on right side menu



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You can choose the very classic way and send me a letter on the postal way with your donation (Postfach 18, A-2544 Leobersdorf, Austria) mention your email address and I will send you the current password by email


The amount of your donation is up2you (starting by the selectable value). I want to invite everybody, those who are able to sponsor generous and also those who can give a little.

I am sure that this change will raise the quality of the blog once more 🙂


During the next 7 days there is the special offer to contribute at my kickstarter campaign. For every support (except 1€ virtual kiss) you will get the passwords for BOTH August and September bonus posts.


Kisses Vienna

Throwback Tuesday – Dinner in Sopron

Looking back to a very hot dinner in my favorite Restaurant in Sopron (Hungary).

I am sure all waiters are knowing me very well already and always when we come in, they set up a very big grin … and I am a good girl and always give them a teaser show. Having so much fun with showing my tities and that I am pantyless, hehe

You want to join a dinner with me 😉 You know what to do – Here is your chance!


Making Off Videos

Hi Guys!

Now on my campaign! MAKING OFF VIDEO!

Inspired by Mark who supported my campaign with a lot of great ideas I added new rewards to my campaign.


It’s very difficult to take pics and make videos at same time, because we usually work as “two (wo)man” team. But during 2 of our next photoshoot weekends we will have great support by Trevor and Steward who saved themselves a entire photoshoot weekend on my side within the next months. Next to simply having a great time together they will have the mission to take a making off video. Out of the sequences I will create a making off video with the best-of behind the scenes. (BTW … one last photoshoot weekend is still available …)

This will be my first Making Off video with a lot of behind the scenes you ever want to see. 

See the video announcement: >>>HERE

Did you already thought about how I feel when I prepare for a photoshoot? We will catch this on video as well as the shooting itself or scenes from our dinners when we evaluate the photos of the day and have a lot of fun together. 


You can save a copy already by now with supporting my campaign. It’s available as single reward or together with the books as package reward. 

The only thing which will be not seen on the video is how naughty I become knowing you watch it … but I can feel it, hehe 😉

For all who already supported, maybe worth a upgrade?! 😉

More about within my latest campaign update!


kisses Vienna

P.S. Passwords for August and September Specials for every campaign support but virtual kiss

Videoshoot day in Vienna

Hi Guys,

Yesterday we had very hot and sunny weather in Vienna, for me the best chance for a video shoot to give my kickstarter campaign the boost for the last days! 

Find the whole video >>> HERE

Especially for you my great followers I collected some behind the scenes sequences and pictures of the day. 

It’s fantastic that we reached so much with the campaign but all is enabled by view great guys of which all others benefits. 

Once more I like to use the chance to kindly ask you for your support. Every new supporter makes me feel sooo… excited and push me to go ahead because the validation of supporters is very important for me. To know that many of you are out there is the greatest feeling which turns me on and push me to go on and on!

To make your decision more easy I decide to give all funders of the campaign passwords for August and September! And you can believe me when I say … you will not regret 😉 

Support >>> HERE <<< and save yourself one of the great rewards!

Thank you and kisses Vienna


Shopping without undies

Hi Guys,

last station of our holidays in France was Nice. During strolling around through the wonderful small streets of the old town I found a small shop with a lot of “Vienna-Style” clothes. All transparent, sexy, short … just perfect for me. I could not resist to look for some new outfits which doesn’t hide but rather show all parts of my body.

Especially to Trevor, Steward who already saved a weekend on my side, what do you think about this romantic and playful Poncho which doesn’t hide my tities. Perfect for a brunch I would say, hehe?!

All who still think about … a joint dinner … 2 or 3 (if one is in Vienna) are still available >>> HERE IS YOUR CHANCE

kisses Vienna

For all August supporter (book buyer and donator via ccbill) here are two additional video of me flashing the old town of Nice! Hot weather no bra no pants … just being myself!

LINK Video





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