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Time flies

Hi Guys!

time flies … another month is gone! A month full of so many things to do … private and in my job I was really busy, but I always tried to keep you up to date with hot Vienna stuff! The best message for you is that the next hot Vienna adventures are in planning and that the first awards from my campaign will leave in the next days!

For all my great supporter there are two last bonus vids for this bonus round. Many of you asked me to watch my voyeurweb video with voice … so here we go. Hear me moaning when masturbating on the balcony. 

Additionally a short beach sequence … so hot and nice memories … want to be back in summer … beach … pool … nude … sex … love it!

kisses Vienna

LINK TO BONUS VIDEOS – Voyeurweb Video – Bonus Sequence with Moaning



So tasty … so juicy … delicious!

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  1. I like a lot yours nice public exhibitions

  2. Hey Vie,

    Come to Denver, Colorado, next April 2017 and I will meet you. Not for sex…of course, I will get so HOT being near you. We can party…pot is legal for recreational use in Colorado. So we can party…let’s go camping…or there is Everytime I see you naked (and clothed)…I get so hot…you are more than a naked bod to me. You will never disappoint me. I would be more paranoid that you found me unattractive. Which is a possibility. We can go hiking. You are probably use to the lack of oxygen. Come and get a taste of nasty American beer…but the great Whisky. Maybe if it is warm enough I can rub some cocoa butter oil onyour lovely bod. I can be the camera man for you and Matt.

  3. Just bought your book, Vie. I did it because I love you and you are very special to me.

    Yours truly,
    Mark (aka Sam)

    • Thank you for all your great and lovely comments. I really love to read it and of course it turns me on and push to go on :***
      I am sure you will not regret buying it … 🙂
      kisses V

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