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Photoshooting with Jan Palmblad Part II

Let’s go ahead with the second part of my photo- and video story from the shooting with Swedish photographer Jan Palmers.

After the first part with 15 pics out of the photo shooting in the last bonus post, I come up with some behind the scenes pictures and a first video snap in my today bonus post.


After we did the first motives in front of a church we moved on through the City to find other sceneries for his pictures. Time to show him what I usually do in public. When we came across a very crowded subway station I opened my zip and said “look that’s what I am doing usually for my pics”. It was so hot. So many people around and I was standing in middle flashing for the cam. I think he was a little bit surprised but he really enjoyed 🙂



After this little excurse in my world, hehe … we continued with pictures in an underground station and later when it was already dark in a park.

It was really a great experience to pose for Jan and I am waiting impatiently to see the result! After we finished the shooting we enjoyed a very relaxed common dinner in a typical Vienna beer garden.

For the dinner I changed my outfit again and was wearing now a completely seethrough top where my tities and nipples were completely visible without any effort, hehe … they jumped off, hahaha … you have to see this!

It was great to get all the positive and kind reactions.

Come into my bonus post and enjoy the pics and vids of this great shooting day!

Kisses Vienna

Video Preview:


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Photoshooting with Jan Palmblad Part I

It has been really not often during the last years that not Matt was the photographer on my side. But this weekend we did this “project”. The Swedish photographer Jan Palmblad wrote me in August an E-Mail and asked for a photoshooting and I didn’t thought about a lot and agreed so he got the chance to get me in front of his lens.


I was a littlebit nervous because me and Matt are a really experienced team, but it’s always something different to work with somebody else, especially that he has completely different style. I am always happy, smiling and really enjoy joking and have fun also during the shootings and love playing with the public around, Jan is specialized on dark and strange photography at lonely places. I love to play with my redhairs in the sun, he loves to play with b/w in foggy and rainy days.

But I also love new challenges and was curious about this “adventure” and after a first short smalltalk I felt comfortable and it was knowing Jan since a long time and we could start the shooting in best mood and I was really in a showing-off mood! I enjoyed every moment showing off my titties and pussy to all the tourists and strangers which came by. Jan was taking photos in front of a church in Vienna center and Matt was taking some making off pics and video snips which you can find during the next days inside the bonus pots.



How to get password? Have a look >>> HERE

Enjoy! 😉

kisses Vienna

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At the harbor in my wicked weasel

Hi guys

You know that I usually prefer to be nude than clothed. But also when it’s required to wear something I prefer the sexy and revealing type. For beach and holidays my favorite brand is wicked weasel. Those bikinis, swimsuits and accessories are sooo… sexy and show more that hide or let say they present your body more than hide 😉


This month I contributed first time at microminimus website with some pics of a hot harbor trip in July.

2 of my pics wasn’t allowed to upload because they show to much (spread legs are not allowed ;)) …but yeah… therefore my blog is the best place to present to you! hehe …

Find them in my todays bonus post and make your own pic if they are too hot to show on the official website of microminimus.


Kisses Vienna

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Nightlife Cap d’Agde II

Hi Guys!

The security is very strict in Cap, nevertheless Matt used the chances he got to took some pics and vids of me and I love to show you them!

Today in my bonus post more hot pics and videos of Cap d’Agde nightlife.



Kisses Vienna

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Flashing Afternoon in Vienna

All of you know that I love to travel through the world for my hot nude adventures. But not less I love to stroll through my beloved hometown Vienna. It’s sooo… beautiful with all the historic buildings and green parks but most the relaxed atmosphere is it what makes me feel home here!


Enjoy a day out in Vienna with me in my first bonus post of the new september round!

BONUS Post with 15 pics and 2 Videos Flashing in Vienna >>> HERE

In contrast to voyeurweb where I can only publish 10 pics per contri I selected 15 hot pics and two videos for you my fans! This is the way the things will develop inside my bonus posts in the future! More story more pics, more videos and I am a naughty naughty naughty girl!

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