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Hotel room with best neighborview

Hi Guys,

Today we start a very hot and exciting series about my last Hotel stay in Nice. The Hotel was located in the old town of Nice with very small streets and close houses. That gives the neighbors best view.



Of course it doesn’t took a long until all neighbors of the hotel knew me. Always open windows and always nude in the room. I was enjoying it so much to be like in a shop window. There were the guy who was always sitting on his balcony. At the beginning he tried to look without attracting attention but I showed him, that I like to be watched. Looked direct to him, lean nude in the window, linger nude in the bed and give him a smile, so after a short while it was clear for him, he is invited to watch. From that moment he always took a seat on his balcony when our window opened and enjoyed the show.


On the first day I was just doing everything nude, … but … what he doesn’t know in that moment, it was only my “foreplay”. When we come back from dinner on the second evening I was in a really horny mood. Only seconds after our room light was switched on he came to his balcony. I opened the cottons and windows, so that he had best view. Then I started to take off … 

To be continued in the next days!


Kisses Vienna

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  1. You are a neighbour girl to dream about!
    Stay nude and happy.
    Kisses :-*

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