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Hate comments and disrespect


Hi Guys,

today I want to bring on top something more serious.

Unfortunately I have the feeling that the tone of those who don’t like the way of a natural handling of nudity  become more and more hate and disrespectful. 

Especially the comments which state I am a whore because of wearing revealing clothes and showing my body in public distress myself. I just want to spread natural happiness, joy and peacefulness! A good example are some parts of a comment , which I got on my youtube video “Nude Urban Style”:

“Obviously you need to buy a brain, so better keep walking nude, the second you open it is to say wrong things. If you can’t even understand easy sentences… As to be sexy and wearing high heels and mini skirt and a clivage, I don’t find this sexy for a woman, but rather close to a whore. …”

So far so good, it’s just an opinion, no problem, but if you look on the video and the dialog which is the reason for his comment I really wonder about this aggressive tone. About what he is so worried about? For all who don’t know the video, see below both versions pixeled version from youtube and unpixeled vimeo version. I mean I tried to show as much peacefulness and don’t disturb or harm somebody. Nobody has to like it, but it’s not a reason for such an aggressive hateful tone.

Another really disturbing and annoying thing is the fact, that I am over and over again reported for doing things with which I want to spread only joy and happiness. Periscope banned me for nothing, it seems, that somebody reported me again and again till they act and suspended my account permanent. I never broke the rules of them, I was always clothed and the maximum “bad” thing was to wear a transparent top (which I wear on public street or restaurant so or so). Is it dangerous to see a woman’s breast, some nipples? Is this what’s the problem of our world? I mean … boobs … cmon … a womans breast feeds life, it’s something wonderful and beautiful, we should honor and respect but the society demonize it.

The same reporting thing happens before on facebook, till I gave up facebook completely. Stupid and sad!

To both kind of haters: If you don’t like what you see – nevertheless why – just keep away from my site and my social networks. This save you time to care for yourself!

To all my great fans and supporter: YOU ARE MY ENGINE, YOU GIVE ME THE POWER TO GO MY WAY! KEEP YOUR SUPPORT ON, I will not disappoint you 😉

All who wants to support my way and not having it yet, save yourself an exemplar of “I am (n)u(e)rban” Vol I still before christmas. No matter if ebook or printed version, an awesome public nudity adventure for you and a great support for my project! Thank you! 

Ebook >>> HERE



Kisses Vienna



  1. OMG ! I hate people who tell you very stupid words like ” you are a whore ” ….You are wonderful Vienna , so sweet and so kind , your fans like me, love you ! You are an angel ! ♥ Of course we’ll go on to enjoy your very beautiful pictures ! Don’t listen people who need to buy a brain , and must go far away from all the beauty you share …They don’t deserve it at all !!

  2. Keep your head high and your beauty shining, Vienna.! Your fans can deliver many more positive feelings for you than any haters can take away!

  3. Unfortunately, what you’re going through seems to be a growing problem. Some people preach “tolerance” out one side of their mouth while condemning anyone who doesn’t agree with their point of view out the other side. That doesn’t really sound like “tolerance” to me. As I said in my response to your tweet, the video you posted related to this is what really drew me to you. Before your shoot with Jeny, she and I were talking and she mentioned her upcoming shoot with you and asked me if I knew who you were. I said no I’m not familiar with her. I figured anyone that she would shoot with is worth checking out. I can’t thank her enough for that, I saw the video you have in this post, and thought to myself “wow that is one amazing woman, she really knows who she is and doesn’t back away from it”. I fell in love with you and your work right then and there. What I saw was a beautiful and extremely courageous woman who put herself and her ideas out there for everyone to see, all the while not forcing them on anyone. You where just either sitting or walking around, not trying to stop people and make them share your beliefs in a confrontational way. I think what the person you’re referring to dislikes the most is that you have caused them to question their own beliefs and they don’t like the answers. I’ll end this by saying this – if you ever get to feeling too down from this very small group of people step back look at some of the older videos you have posted and just focus on how people love what you do. I saw on the other day on VoyeurWeb where you were at a marathon and people in the race would stop running just to get a picture with you. I know you don’t hear much about those people, just remember you have made A LOT of people’s day better just by being yourself, included myself.

    Love you V

  4. Don’t let the haters to affect your life. This way they win.
    And BTW, people who report you, for sure were former followers. I always suspect from the same guy, you know.

  5. Dear Vie
    It saddens me to hear that some people armchair critics who will never “do ” anything except throw barbs at people for living & loving life. We are so fortunate to have you as our Goddess & being a fan I say fuck them.
    We love you very much.
    We adore you.

  6. Dear Vienna,
    You are one of the most beautiful ladies in the world with amazing smile and exquisite sense of style!
    We all love and admire You here. Do not let small and hateful people bring You down. Just know that You are AMAZING!
    Always BE HAPPY and nude, my Vogue model.
    With respect and smile,
    Your friend and admirer

  7. So sorry to see you’re upset. Haters gonna hate. We love what you do. But posting on sites open to the public is only going to get you more bad publicity than good.
    Maybe more use of twitter and tumbler, where like minded people will see you and promote your vids on here.
    Elisa exhib is on tumbler and her pics are shared all over the pages with links to her site. Hope it works out for you and pleeeeeeeese come back to London 😀

  8. So sad to read this. You are a wonderful person, inside and out, and you don’t deserve that kind of treatment. Thank you for being strong enough to stay the goddess that you are in the face of that ugliness. Much love.

  9. So once again an internet company has caved in to an anonymous single brain celled slime bag who hasn’t the intelligence to use the close tab, return key or even home button when they find a site that offends their oh so delicate sensibilities. I have just heard the news from Berlin and it seems absurd that paypal, periscope and the like are prepared to waste their time closing you down when their time would be better spent looking for the perpetrators of this and similar atrocities. Your campaign is important as peace, love and nudity go hand in hand and demands the support of all right thinking people so remember you are the one of the good guys and don’t worry about the moron detractors, they are just not worth it. Love and peace.

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