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Fan Meeting, New Years Eve – Travel to Dublin


2016 come to an end and 2017 starts with a big Highlight. As you know I offered the photoshoot weekend in a European capital as one of the highest reward supporting my 2nd book project.

It took only 2 days and this reward was out. To my big surprise my wonderful fan Stuart who already supported the first book with a dinner reward saved a personal meeting again. What a wonderful way to say that he enjoyed the first meeting a lot 🙂

I will show you more about this long weekend in Dublin during the next posts. Of course there will be some special password saved bonus posts again, which you can get for a small donation! Find 9 hot additional pics of my traveling day in the todays bonus post.


Traveling Day BONUS POST

But let’s start at the beginning. Traveling time!

I love those exciting traveling days. A new chapter of my book will be written or let’s say caught on photo soon. To know that there will be a lot of hot nude moments and many new pictures in another City but without knowing the  final result yet is so special, I can’t describe with words.


The travel itself is also something like a warmup for me. I enjoy to tease a little bit and to wear see trough tops turns me really  on … maybe not just me.


Shortly after we arrived, we had a short first come together with Stuart. It was like meeting a good friend as we know us from our meeting in April in London!

img_1477The first evening I spent at the hotel bar in a really see-through black top and having some good conversation with the barkeeper while drinking a cocktail.

img_7760Next part will follow soon but by now you can see more pics of the traveling and first evening at the bar in my see trough top inside the bonus post of the day. All you need to do is to save your password for January 2017.

Traveling Day BONUS POST

Kisses Vienna


  1. Beyond Sexy

  2. Vienna, when You smile it is just something amazing, special!

    Stuart congratulations on having so amazing guests and special evening!

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