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Vienna Exhib – Exhibitionism becomes Art

Hello Everybody!

Since I was a teeny art had have been a magnetic pull to me. I love to visits museums, to marvel about the drawings, statues and photographs. It’s a fantastic world.

So it’s not a secret that I always wanted to combine my exhibitionism with my affinity for arts. Matt and I tried to making my exhibitionism a kind of art! But our photo-work is only one side of the coin. I am more than happy and a little bit proud also that my kind of exhibitionism became inspiration for several artists.

The first who caught my intention was the wonderful Pictor Mulier, who is an erotic art painter from Valencia (Spain). I follow his work since several years and I am so happy, that one of his painting decorates our house. Pictor took also part creating my first book, where he beautified the title pages with his drawings and he made my body to his canvas at the Valencia Sex Festival in 2016!

When Thierry, a Fan from Luxembourg, sent me a photo where he is holding two of Pictors paintings in hands I was completely overwhelmed, it means so much to me to know to inspire for art and to know my body is eternized on canvas. Why not hanging there for generations 😉

All about Pictor and his erotic art project you can find >>> HERE >>>


Here I like to introduce you another great artist who get inspired by me. And fortunately, I could win him for a cooperation for my 2nd book project!

It was a big surprise when he, who is a friend of mine since some years, send me a photo of a drawing he created by himself some months ago. I didn’t know his artist talent so far and I even didn’t know, that he do knew me this way, hehe  😉 … and so I was completely flashed when he sent me this drawing.

Last week we finally met for a handover of some of his drawings, I love them!

AND tadaaaaa… we agreed on a cooperation for my new upcoming book! So stay tuned, it will be a completely new combination.

If somebody is interested in his drawings, please let me know, I can make the contact for you!

I already have been would been part of some erotic cartoons and I would love to be the exhibits cartoon figure of a whole story … that would be very exciting.

By the way, what I have never been so far is a character of a book story! So if there are writers out there who are interested in a really exciting story … here I am 🙂 … So all you artists out there … get in touch with me! 

Kisses Vienna

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  1. Exhibitionism becomes art. These words are so true.
    You are inspiration, a model and artist Vienna.
    Kisses, my Austrian artist. :-***
    Stay nude and happy.

    You bring a smile to all of us here! 🙂

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