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NEW subscription system

Hi Guys,

it seems that we finally has made it working 🙂 yeahhhh…

tadaaaa… I proudly present the new subscription system for all my hot bonus blog posts. With tonight we will start a new system to enter my bonus posts. If you subscribe it’s no longer necessary to donate for different passwords for every single month to see all the bonus staff. With this new system you will subscribe for a certain period of time and you will have full access to ALL BONUS POSTS with your subscription.


You have to choose between those options:

Single pricing options

1 month access: 16,90 Euro

2 months access: 29,90 Euro

3 months access: 34,90 Euro

1 month access + signed book “I am nuerban 1”: 59,00 Euro

1 month access + signed book “I am nuerban 2”: 64,00 Euro


Recurring pricing options:

Recurring monthly 14,90 Euro

Recurring every 2 months 25,90 Euro

Recurring every 3 months 29,90 Euro

I was asked soooo… many times about installing an subscription system to avoid the amount of passwords and the confusion to have 20 passwords to see all the bonus posts. I hope you all come on board of my bonus blog and enjoy the extreme hot and naughty “extras” you get to see there from my exciting nude life J

Kisses Vienna



  1. Hi,

    great to see, that it works now 😉


  2. Kann ich damit alle bitte bisherigen Bonus Posts sehen?

    Danke. Kuss

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