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Barcelona in transparent

Hi Guys!

after some wonderful days in Barcelona I am back in Vienna now. I am proud to call me again a marathon runner, yeahhhh…

But I know you want to see the things upside the sportive moments, hehe… and of course I enjoyed it so much to finally stay in the warm area of Spain after a long cold winter in Austria. Away with the winter clothes and jump into my sexy summer outfits.

In my sheer top and mini skirt I enjoyed the day after the marathon with just relaxing, hanging around, having a good coffee and having simply a good time!

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There are 20 wonderful sexy pics of this day on my bonus blog in the lastest post of today. Guess what was underneath my skirt πŸ˜‰

Kisses Vienna


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  1. First of all: Congratulation on finishing marathon! Vienna, You really impresses me.
    Photos made in Barcelona are fantastic. I adore the lively colors and Your beauty, of course. Please, do not keep me waiting. I would love to see second part tomorrow.
    Stay nude and happy, my Vogue model! πŸ™‚

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