Hello Everybody!

We are going into the last 48 hours. Time to say thank you to all who believed in the project and pledged for their favorite reward but also time to call all those who still thinking about to come on board! Now it’s your time, every support helps to make the project a big success story and to increase the quality of the final product.

Visit the campaign >>> HERE


For the final countdown a special last minute reward option has been added. You can get a personalized short video message with a special thank you as reward and it’s also possible to get this reward together with all book options. Therefor just have a look for PSVM behind the book rewards. If PSVM is added this means, you will get the book or the book package and additionally your personalized short video message.

A wonderful reward for all who didn’t pledged so far and a perfect reason to “upgrade” your chosen book (package).

So no more time to wait … it’s time to act now! THANK YOU :***


Your Vienna