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UPDATE – New Books

Hi Guys!

Finally some news about the upcoming volume 3 and 4 of my nude urban style books! Since we had a very busy time to grow our small private business, the things around the book creation were a little bit out of the main focus. But of course I will not disappoint all my great and beloved fans and long time friends! So the things will startup again in the next days. We will use the next two months to create the best nude urban books we ever did. Part 4 will be filled with girls-girls shootings only! Always I look at these pics I get so yearningly and it’s so deep inside my heart!

To shorten the time little bit I will give you some more nice previous on my bonus blog! The best way to get in the mood for my new books!

Send you many kisses 



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  1. Hi Vienna!

    How are You? I hope everything is ok.
    Have a great week and post some smiling photos, my beautiful Vogue model.

    Be nude and happy, beautiful redhead.

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