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Merry Christmas and Status Update new Books

Dear Friends,

I think all of you , who supported for my new books are waiting impatiantly for an update abour the status.

Big sorry for having such a slow progress. It was a very stressful year with a big work load for me. I opened a new business in my lovely hometown Vienna. I always tried to finalize the books but sorry, there wasn’t enough time to handle everytghing in common. 

But now things starts to become more and more routine and with this time frames for book generation increases. 

The restart is DONE 🙂 and things are again in progress. Please a little bit more patience and you will not regret your big patience and trust in me!

Kisses and merry chritsmas to all of you!


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  1. Hi 😉

    Schöne Weihnachten und viel Spaß.


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