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  1. Hi Vie,

    Brief macht sich heute auf den Weg. Hoffe er kommt an. Lg

  2. You have a body so perfectly designed and a lovely face!!
    Your pictures are always of quality Vienna!
    I will be your fan…forever!!
    Thank you for showing your stunning beauty!

  3. Bei deinen Bilder und Videos denk ich mir immer, warum treff ich dich nie in Wien an… Vorallem die in Schönbrunn… Gerade mal 5 Min. von mir entfernt… *nakedHearts*

  4. my dear!!!!!! you really would like to receive a handwritten letter? woww we’ve known for some years but every day you more beautiful and interesting love and admiration for you grows. meeting you will dream of my life but only if you want, meanwhile, continues so I bow before you in the beauty. if you want to send handwritten letter and any photos you want. smak smak smak smak smak smak

    • to receive the the first letters was so exciting and handwritten is the most personal way
      I am really looking forward to receive more :***

  5. Hi Vienna,
    You have been present in my web life for many very pleasant years. It is always great to take a moment when things are crazy and take a peek at what you are up to.
    My wife and I love your videos! Inspiring.
    Thank you for so many great days of joy.

  6. loving the birthday shoot series – just stunning !!

    wondered how you felt with nipple clamps ?? were they exciting or just for fun/show

  7. Carolynn and Mike

    July 6, 2015 at 3:23 am

    Dear Vienna;
    My husband and I find your sets and video’s very exciting!
    We would both like to say we think you are very sexy and love your free spirit. You would have fun in Eugene Oregon USA as the community is very liberal. Not only is your sexy and provocative body fun to enjoy we / especially I find you very sexy being a petite woman in my late 40’s you are inspirational. I hope we can correspond with you as we are some of your biggest fans.
    Hugs and Kisses
    Carolynn and Mike

    • thats soooo lovely. thank you very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here is the right place for my fans to communicate with me. glad you are here 🙂
      kisses to you both <3

  8. hello dear Vienna;
    I congratulate you on this initiative and courage reason. I’m watching you constantly reading and writings.
    I am your supporter of the peaceful and beautiful project.
    This project launch of a sexy and beautiful woman like you and wander all over Europe is very nice.
    the red hair. The beautiful mouth. the hot point of view.
    great tits. plump hips. always nice and hot pussy. You’re perfect, baby.
    I see your skin to. but to caress you, to feel you, I wanna kiss you.
    to anywhere of your body warm and passionate kisses.

  9. J ai perdu mon mot de passe 🙁

  10. Santiago Lozano

    August 23, 2015 at 1:53 pm

    Hello Vienna
    You are a fantastic woman and your husband is a very lucky man, sure. You are very sexy and pretty and I like a lot your way to show your beauty to all. Also I think you do very well showing your tits, pussy and ass in public.
    Your style is naugty and daring, but never indecent. Your body is wonderful, your tits are perfecr ans your smooth pussy is lovely and sweet.
    You don’t must to hide because there ara like jewels, and jewels are for show.
    I see that you are naked for shots and in places like Cap, but I have a question.
    Are you naked or in sexy dresses showing tits and pussy at work, with regular friends or some family?
    Do they know that you show your naked body here?
    Also I like a lot your photo and video at Melrose almost naked. Were you so sexy dressed all night or only for dancing there?
    Did you go in the street so?
    Did men try to flirt with you?
    Dis you let touch your tits or pussy there to men?
    Please, never change

  11. steve from cap d'agde France

    August 27, 2015 at 2:40 pm

    Hi vienna,
    I met you in cap d’agde the last 10 days ago.
    Do you remember me ? I am the man who kiss and told you that you look like a ravissante french artist.
    Your shows were perfect on melrose.
    I loved it!
    So fast to have no longer meet you.
    May be a next time in cap d’agde
    I go there many time


    Steve from France

  12. Hi vienna.
    please send me the password to open your personal video.
    I want to know a lot of you.
    with full of love

  13. Vienna!
    I follow his work for many years in Voyeurweb.
    You are one of the most beautiful women I ever saw.
    Would you like to see pictures of you every day.
    from Brazil

  14. Vienna,

    Might I be able to meet you during your visit to New York City?

    I’d like to be able to tell my friends that I met the legendary Vienna in person.

    Peace and be well,

    Dennis in NYC

    • my dear Dennis I am so so soooooooo… sorry that I have to tell you, that we are back in Austria since today. But we will come back for sure! asap 🙂 And next time I will let you know before :***

  15. Hi just wanted to say thank you for all your beautiful pictures over the years.
    You are a gorgeous inspiration!!! A real muse. Let me know if you are ever in South Africa please.


  17. Hi Vienna,

    I hope you liked the package I sent you with the very colorful running shorts. Most likely too large?

    If too large – then Matt can have fun taking pictures while it slips down on your next run 🙂

    • I was so happy when I unpacked it today 🙂
      It fits nearly, just slightly to large but not in a way that it really stand out.
      Looking forward to warm weather now 🙂
      kisses V

  18. Vienna
    Hope your year is going extremely well…. and you getting ready for a Hot and Sexy Spring season… It’s been great knowing you all these years… Have a great Week.


  19. Hello,
    I think your beautiful. I’d like to subscribe to your website to see all of your restricted material, but I don’t see that there is an option to do that. Please let me know.

    Thank you, Ang

    • Hi Ang, you just can make a donation (the amount is up2you) by using the donation button (ccbill). Automatically you get the current password with the confirmation email. … but even better you can also buy my book and get the current password (just send me the confirmation by email to viennalove(at) from myself by email.
      Or send me a letter with a donation to Postfach 18, A-2544 Leobersdorf, Austria; I will send you the pw by email.
      kisses V

  20. ow r u? I remember when we were friends on Facebook and we used to play vía inbox ?☺ ha. By the way can u answer me this message on inbox Facebook?
    I really miss to chat with u. Add me if u have a new Facebook account please ! I leave u my Facebook address ☺
    U r a sexy goddess.
    Where can i send u my photos? ?
    Big kiss and hug from Argentina
    You get me so fucking Hot ?.
    Come to buenos Aires!!

  21. How r u Vienna? I remember when we were friends on Facebook and we used to play vía inbox ?☺ ha. By the way can u answer me this message on inbox Facebook?
    I really miss to chat with u. Add me if u have a new Facebook account please ! I leave u my Facebook address ☺
    U r a sexy goddess.
    Where can i send u my photos? ?
    Big kiss and hug from Argentina
    You get me so fucking Hot ?.
    Come to buenos Aires!!

    • Hi Agus, Of course I remember 🙂
      Regarding facebook, I decided to leave. It’s not the right place for me. They deleted me again and again, so I don’t want support any longer a community which is against nudity. But I have this blog and you can write email to viennalove(at)
      Many kisses Vienna

  22. Loving watching you poolside at waili. Tell other half to stop perving on computer and rub some oil onto you. Xx

  23. After so many years Virtual, I saw you in Cap d’Agde, and for a moment my heart stopped, you’re beautiful

  24. Hello vienna, i would like to know, if you have the pics that you took, infront of the fado restaurante, in o porto?? We would like to see then. If you could send me. Thanks and continue with the great job.

  25. Hello vienna, i would like to know, if you have the pics that you took, infront of the fado restaurante, in o porto?? We would like to see then. If you could send me. Thanks and continue with the great job..
    And when you come to Portugal again make US a visit.

  26. Have a great week Beautiful. ..

    Don’t let anyone tell you your a bad person..

  27. bonjour j’aimerais contribuer a votre deuxieme album,

    comment dois je faire



    • Hi, thanks for your friendly offer! The crowdfunding is already over, but every donation is always very welcome (ccbill donation button on right side menu). As soon as the book is available (expected in March) you can buy it. I will post the link then.
      kisses Vienna

  28. dear Vienna,
    I really appreciate your promotion. I’ve been following you since your beginnings on vw. I can’t remember anyone except Barbara Devil who was more in to public nudity, than you.
    It was cool to see you are creating our own site. Unfortunately for me from the first moment it was a bit disenchantment. It was hard to create a single membership, if ever successful, there were some problems with password confirmations. anyway after solving the problem, the sites work perfect. and the content is still remain the times, which aroused my attention then.
    I’m not into billed services, but I understand the necessity of that. last time I didi so everything was ok, so I’ve donated the site a day back again. due to the date it was only 5th of the month, I was able to see only one post. ok. so I made another donation, wanted to see rest of the Porto trip, but did not received any password. so now don’t know what to do. can I see some older post? do I need to make further donations? how can I distinguish which periods can I see? is it possible to get a lifetime password? or general permission to see the whole stuff? anytime? how can I see older post I’ve allready donated? I can manage a regular donation or whatever, loving your nudity,

    • Hi Jo,
      thank you for your kind words about me, my projects and the site … I really love to read!
      About the donation system. Here is how it works:
      In less words, in every month there is a new password with which you can see all bonus of the month (for this month more will follow). If you want to have pw for older posts, you made everything right, only you have to send me an email with the information that you made a second donation and the amount and which passwords you want to have.
      Each 10€ is a password for an older post.
      So you did two donations of 10, that means you can have one additional password. Just send me an email to viennalove(at)
      I hope I explained it understandable :***
      Many kisses Vienna

  29. Ola mis….

  30. Hi there Vienna. I think there is someone (most probably one of your customers) who is using your pictures as an impostor and giving yours to other people in this website called ‘wireclub’:

    The user name is: venusviol

    Please contact the administrator if you feel they have violated your copyrights on your pictures. And worst still, they are impersonating you.

    I happened to take those pictures and searched online and came to this website. I am not a customer of yours. Just a good samaritan letting you know of this.

    Thank you.


  31. Hey Vienna
    Im Jurgen and from instagram and her site know i and get a good friend with Jeny Smith. I like her work and photography . But when i see video en photo from you together . Is really nice to see how best friends you are..
    greeting jurgen

  32. Hello! You are such a delicious baby that I would get you a pussy!!!;-)

  33. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag 😚

  34. Hi Vienna,

    I must say that you are very beautiful and I loved your photos and videos very much and took a lot of pleasure from it

    If you are to visit England anytime soon I would love to meet and take you around lovely sites

    All the best !

  35. Dear Vienna,
    is you Postfach still active?

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