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Day 2 in Paris

The day started very early true to the motto early bird catches the worm. It was always my wish to have a photo of me in the middle of Champs Elysee and obviously I am speaking of a Vienna-style-picture. It was really cold this morning not the most comfortable conditions for making pictures but it also has a great advantage … I call it perfect nipple weather 🙂


Heated up by the exciting shoot in the morning I was in the naughty mood to do something really dare and so we decide to look for a typical parisean cofé house for a special nude breakfast. Because I am a good girl I asked the waiter and the guys inside if it’s ok to have breakfast with a nude redhead today, guess what they answered 😉


The last evening in Paris ends again with a delicious dinner. Afterwards we were in a bar close to the Hotel were we met some really crazy and kind guys. It was a big fun to do some pics together. Hope to meet them soon on my blog!



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  1. Beregor Morkaninos Duaner

    August 17, 2014 at 11:50 pm

    La photo du bar est geniale. Dommage le vieux a côté de toi n a pas l air plus heureux….

  2. Bey! These guys are LMFO 🙂

  3. Hi! Vie,
    Nice exhibitionist shots in Paris in your second day. Specialy when you were nude in a “typique cafe parisien”.
    Hope you will have more warm weather in south of France, for your pleasure… and mine 😉
    Bisous chauds ou tu aimes

  4. I so wish I was there

  5. Dear Vienna: Vienna-style-pictures are the most sensual and erotic NIP pics I have ever seen. What a bunch of totally lucky guys at the cofé house!
    You are so beautiful and daring. Danke redhead godess.

  6. Love it!! Just in case you want to keep travelling – it’s always ok to have breakfast with a nude redhead in London! 🙂 xxx

  7. OMG, Vienna. I’m so jealous of your trip. I’m also always jealous of Matt being on the other side of the camera. Great shots. The quality is always great, but I particularly love the higher resolution you can post on this site. Keep up the good, no great work.

  8. As much as the French are known for love, it amazes me that they would mess with you about wearing a sheer dress! You look gorgeous in that sheer dress by the way!!! Always enjoy seeing your pics & videos here & on other sites!

  9. you are easily the most beautiful woman I have ever seen

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