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loool ;)))

Do you find out why I had a “laugh flash” ?! ;)))
If yes you get an extra pic of my hot adventure in Lissabon :-* πŸ˜‰
And sorry but it is not so easy hehe



  1. ’cause of the terrible stockings girl behind you???

  2. ok ok ok…
    the mature lady behind you is your mother or your aunt…
    or the surveillance camera caught you and the porter came out to look for …
    It’s right??

  3. Because you accidentally “broke wind” when you sat down…

  4. Because of a joke from Matt ? Or because he told you what he would do to you that night at the hotel ? :p

  5. Someone called your name?
    Or did you get caught, and the person wanted a pic?
    Or did someone ask you for an autograph?
    Is one of this possibilities close, or are they far away?


  6. Because the girl on the phone was yelling? Or the one in pants was checking you out before??

    I think this pic is adorable either way! Love your cute smile and laugh!

  7. There is a bizar things with the girl behind (his necklass… she is kept on a lead ?? Loool) but i think there is a lot of person are already watching you. And there are behind you.

  8. I guess there was a little flower tickling you on your most sensitive part?

  9. Matt told you, he is afraid that when you get older you’ll become like the lady with the leather vest

  10. Matt meinte du bist overdressed? FΓΌr deine VerhΓ€ltnisse hast du ja schon recht viel an πŸ™‚

  11. Matt told a joke about one of the two ladies at the back ?

  12. Because of your alltime good and positive mood?!

  13. he made a joke about your wrongly colored nails :))

  14. You need to piss and Matt make noise like “pssssss psssss” or drink something…

  15. Looking beautiful as always Vie.

  16. You are smiling like that because Matt said he would turn up the volume on the remote control vibrator that is tickling your insides πŸ™‚

  17. Matt flashed at you

  18. I think you had nothing tons it down and Matt thought you were to fall down, by the way, you always look in a good mood, your expression looks great like a kinky girl. Kisses honey.

  19. ‘Cause the ringtone of the girl phone is “Vienna calling” and Matt sing that song…

  20. And the other lady dance in a perfect ’80 style πŸ˜‰

  21. First let me tell you that you look beautiful as always, and I think
    this photo was taken after you slip on the portuguese sidewalk…
    sweet kiss <3

    • thanks my dear P :-*
      hehe … it is not comfortable on the streets of Lissbon in High Heels but fortunately no. But this pic was taken after the great rush before (one vid sequence was in my last contri at vw)
      Greetings to Lissbon, kisses V

  22. a bird pooped on Matt

  23. I love this expression. Is the same than in the outtakes of the first videos at this blog.
    I am trying to guess… but my mind is too dirty. I prefer not to say πŸ™‚

  24. Hmm, did Matt mention one on right has mismatched shoes ( or maybe that is just the pic), one looks grey and one looks black.

    I zoomed in to the windows but doesn’t seem to be anyone ‘peeping’ at you from there πŸ™‚ .Guess they missed out /wink

  25. Someone took a picture of you right next to Matt and he made fun about that ?

  26. a guy said to matt that he (=matt) is a sexy guy πŸ˜€

  27. Maybe Matt said that You look “especially visible” in this jacket and everybody turn their heads after You? πŸ™‚
    I adore Your smile, beautiful redhead!

  28. Second chance…
    Matt is asking where did you hiding the metal post where you are standing πŸ˜‰

  29. Something to do with the Embassy(?) behind you….I don’t know enough German to figure out puns based on naughty words and country names…

  30. 2nd try…

    A child came up to Matt and asked him to take his/her picture.

  31. Matt was talking like Valair, the man interviewed by Erik Hartman in the famous Youtube video? πŸ™‚

  32. Matt ist beim fotografieren nach rΓΌckwΓ€rts umgefallen!

  33. a huge dog pissed to the tree and gave matt a kiss!

  34. … thx so much guys for taking part at this fun … I will answer the last comments this evening and also give you the right answer ;)))


  35. Somebody flashed Matt

  36. Guessing it is because the survaliance cams in the building behind the two girls…

  37. I write it just for the fun. Matt tore is pants!

  38. He made a joke about a “nip-slip”? (;

  39. I’ll bet his cock popped out of his pants and it surprised him. You seem to be looking that direction while you laugh.

  40. I imagine Matt was moving about to get that perfect shot, not that that is hard considering his subject, and tripped, stubbed his toe, bumped his head ….eerrrrr something!!! Dufus, that he probably is while mesmerized by his darling wife!!! If I where there, I would be OK though …. hard to fall over when your frozen in time at the sight that’s before you, but that’s just another kind of Dufus isn’t it!!!! That’s me ….. probably couldn’t even squeak out a word to you!!!!

  41. Matt broke wind?

    Matt Flashed the girls behind you?

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