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Outdoor nature photo shooting

The time has come: finally weekend and finally SPRING. Nothing compares to the mood when the cold days are numbered.
And this was the mood I had during a very special shooting this week when I was model for the Vienna photographer J. Winter. I love the result, I hope you too?!
Kisses Vienna





  1. Mmmm pretty..

  2. Hi, Vienna. These are beautiful, artistic photos!
    The third one is my new desktop wallpaper. Matt really knows how to show Your beauty. Stay nude and happy!

  3. Au naturall

  4. The first and the second are the best photo in your portfolio….
    The first in particular way tell a story of your long way to arrive at this point.

    Compliments V.

  5. beregor Renaud

    March 21, 2015 at 7:57 pm

    Magnifique…. sauvage, nature, art….

  6. Awsome pics. Show us more. Lg

  7. Thanks J Winter….(and V and Matt…) these are the very best nipple shots Ive seen so far……Im still having trouble swallowing…..bowing to your photographic genius…..(oh and V’s nipples)

  8. You’re soooo georgous! J’adore ton sourire et ta magnifique crinière rousse.. Bisous xx

  9. Beautiful, I see the summer comming

  10. I agree with those above. Pic # 2 is the most beautiful shot of you I’ve ever seen. Totally magic. Thank you!

  11. Tout simplement sublime.

  12. Amazing composition!
    Beautiful colours!!
    Gorgeous body!!!
    Love seeing you on fire in these sunset landscapes!!!!!

  13. hi, the photographer take your best. simply breathless and so exciting.
    Thank you Vienna for your way to be nude, you are a ‘dea’.

  14. I am so conflicted! I absolutely love you naked! But I also absolutely love you in those shorts!! Wow and bravo!!!

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