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Vienna & Gattina April Special

This April will be hot! The beauty lovely Gattina will be the special guest on my blog! I hope you enjoy our ride like we did when we were on our hot trip in Budapest. These were some unforgettable days!

Every donator of this month will get access to 12 additional very hot and exclusive pictures of our Hotel fun.

The first part of these explicit pics was uploaded today! Be careful they are really HOT!

OMG, I get so excited when I think back on these days!

Hot Kisses Gattina & Vienna

2012_Vie_Gat (308)_a 2012_Vie_Gat (293)_a 2012_Vie_Gat (253)_a 2012_Vie_Gat (112)_a


  1. Wow just the first 4 pics cause a heartattac and a burning demand for more! Maybe your Fans (Vienna’s and Gattina’s) could get a belated easteregg by loading up some moving pictures! Starving for more…

  2. Hi. Thats some great pics. A movie would be really crazy. Hope you get my letter with my support soone. Really want to see those pics. Lg

  3. I got so turned on seeing these photos. I hope to see more soon.

  4. Hello Gorgeous!

  5. Excellent…..and if I may add, very classy.

  6. Hi Vienna!
    Ihr beiden zusammen seid wirklich das heißeste, was man im Netz finden kann!
    Freue mich schon auf mehr!

  7. I love thinking to all HOT moments I had with sexy Vienna!
    Thank you all for liking our pics and for keeping on enjoying our fun! :*

    Wet kisses

  8. Hi! I bet You two had great time together 🙂
    Looking at You is such a pleasure.
    Stay nude and happy!

  9. Wow! Amazing pictures.

    I wonder do you just “pose” for those snaps or during (or after) the photos are taken do you actually enjoy each others bodies (and does anyone else join you)?

  10. Girls, you are so beautiful, always !
    Vienna, thank you for letting me know Gattina. She is so beautiful.
    Vienna, thanks to be who you are. You are so fantastic, amazing.
    Thanks girls
    Please, do other shoots together.

  11. Sensational pics!!! I feel the tenderness…so soft…hot breeze… love your freshness and tenderness…thank you both Vienna and Gattina!

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