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Video – Vienna & Gattina Hot cartrip to Budapest

Hi Guys,

good news for all who donated in April. Gattina and I are happy to give you a little Bonus. Soooooo many requests for a vid, we cannot ignore 😉

Here is the link to the new April Special blogpost – a hot vid of our cartrip to Budapest (I swear it was really hot inside the car on the last 92 km to Budapest)

Of course the password is the same as for the first April special post with Gattina (

For all of you who not donated yet, take the last chance now and get the pw for both posts. The April special will close soon.

For your donation you can choose between the possibility to use the donation button on my blog or to send me your donation with a very private message in a letter! 🙂 – I looooooooove to read your letters!

Enjoy the ride to Budapest!

Wet kisses Vienna & Gattina



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  1. WOW! You two look like two best friends having a lot of fun on the back seat.
    Fantastic clip.
    Stay nude and happy, Vienna

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