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Hot hotter – Summer 2015

Puh … every weekend new temperature records, best would be all day naked … ok, for dinner I decide to wear not more than absolutely necessary 🙂

Kisses Vienna



  1. SO SEXY!!!! hope your dessert. enjoy your week angel. Lust and Friendship

  2. Hi. Spitzen outfit für dieses Wetter. LG

  3. Completely adorable. I need an Austrian cutie to sit on me….ANYWHERE!!! Peace, Beautiful!!

  4. Love your hair down and the outfit is sexy as ever. Love your hair color and when it is down like that.

  5. Na, für dich aber immer noch sehr sehr viel … LOL
    Und du siehst mal wieder sehr sehr heiß mit diesen sexy Klamotten aus Vie!!!!

  6. Dear Vienna!
    As always beautiful smile and beautiful photos!
    Your micro skirt is really impressive. Did You specially ordered it or simply buy in in a shop. This skirt is only good for flashing Your fantastic pussy and perfectly shaped ass. I love it! You always know what to wear to make a striking impression.
    Stay nude and happy.

  7. ChiefLickEmToe

    July 20, 2015 at 1:25 pm

    My Goddess, you are so beautiful and look so tasty! I would not be able to order from the menu. I would have to lay you on the table and eat you for the main course and desert!

    Kisses from your lustful admirer. G.

  8. Every time I open your page I am rewarded! Your smile is just the beginning.

  9. Very nice

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