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Holiday Outfits

Just two weeks till holidays in Cap. Relaxing days and hot evenings with long dance nights in Melrose. Time to choose the outfits and try different hairstyles… what do you think about this one (yes this is all, hehe), I love it.

Kisses Vienna



  1. Red hair passion!

  2. You’re so sexy V! I love your long hair, and tire having fun, but I love the shoes more! 😉

  3. ChiefLickEmToe

    July 27, 2015 at 12:15 pm

    I personally like hair worn down. With that being said, you are the most BEAUTIFUL REDHEAD I have ever seen, regardless of how you ware your hair!!!

    kisses! Your lustful admirer. G.

  4. Hi! These high heel shoes suit You perfectly! Your red hair fall on Your breasts adorably. You will make striking impression at the Cap d’Agde!!!
    Post some other outfits, please… 😀

  5. Very sexy, you look like a queen. Which of course we all know you are.

  6. Du schaust wieder einmal hammer aus. Deine roten Haare gefallen mir sehr gut, offen finde ich sie fast noch schärfer 🙂
    Was hältst Du davon unten herum einen neuen hairstyle auszuprobieren? Könnte mir vorstellen, dass ein kurzer dünner Iro ziemlich scharf aussieht 🙂 Oder ein hübsch gestutztes Dreieck 😉

  7. Hey Vienna, both your dress (?) and your hairstyle are so beautiful and the shoes are gorgeous as well! Please show your fans more outfits and hairstyles.
    Enjoy your days in Cap D’Agde as you did last year. I am looking forward to a nice foto and film show of your holiday impressions. Something like last year or maybe a little bit more? Kisses

  8. That’s the PERFECT outfit for a formal night out. Love the shoes, and the hair makes for a very classy look.

    Don’t forget to take lots of pictures at Cap to show us! Want to see EVERY dinner ensemble.

  9. That is such a beautiful outfit to wear to Cap D’Agde. The only jewelry i would suggest adding would be a butt plug with one of those large ornamental ends that glow in the dark. That would be way cool on the dance floor. 🙂

    I shall be vacationing just up the road in Cassis. Maybe you, Matt & I can get together for a nude run on the beach?

  10. Sorry for my late reply. But….I LUV <3 the hair. I love profile shots. So much of your beauty is reveal in profile shots. I love symetry…and butts…and sexy ladies. So I love these photos…SO MUCH!! Bye.

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