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Side story about first book chapter – VIENNA the beautiful

Dear Guys,

as promised I will go along with my book crowd funding campaign with some background stories about the Cities of the book chapters. Today we start with Vienna – the beautiful fairy tale city

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Of course Vienna is my favorite playground. It’s the City where everything started. Nowhere else I feel free in the same way like in Vienna. I love to stroll the city in the nude or as I call it in my “nude-couture”. Vienna is always full of tourists and I love it to give them a very special view of “Vienna” back on their way home 😉

The pics which I have chosen for the book were taken on completely different conditions. While I nearly couldn’t resist to get nude when I did the water refreshment pics in front of Vienna Hofburg and I really enjoyed to splash my body with the cold water it was much harder to get nude for the other series of pics which are part of the book. No wonder, at least it was in January and even on a warm January day it’s not the same as on a hot August day, when I like to be nude the whole day 😉 But nevertheless, also on cold days only the first overcoming is hard, if this is done I am warm from inside and just enjoy to be nude through all the “others” 🙂

Next part: Berlin – hip and pulsating

Kisses Vienna




Pictures & Vids:

1. Sitting on bench in the nude – February 2014 (part of photobook “I am (n)u(e)bran”)

2. Video sequence of water refreshment at Hofburg – August 2011 (related pictures will be part of photobook “I am (n)u(e)rban”)

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  1. Tomorrow it all begins!
    I am sure the book will be great!

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