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A bewitched start

It’s a little bit frustrating … after a long preparation phase all these problems pops up exactly in the wrong moment. At first my twitter account was suspended exactly on that day that my book crowdfunding campaign started, never happened it before in 5 Years. And then this morning after claiming it several times at twitter support, big surprise – my account is working again, twitter released it. No everything can start as I was hoping … but wait … what’s up with pubslush page? A security warning instead of my project … oh the security certificate of the site is expired exactly on 30th of July 2015, wow it’s the day of my campaign starts. Now everybody get a scary warning to leave the site instead of the book information … waaaaaaahhhh… not the best way to convey reliability.
THIS IS WHAT I CALL A BEWITCHED START … is it because of my red hairs?!
I can only hope that it will work properly again soon.
Kisses Vienna



  1. Hang in there, It’s going to be alright! We love you Vienna!

  2. Hey Vienna, lass den Kopf nicht hängen! Immer einen Schritt nach dem anderen! Und niemals aufgeben! Ich bin mir sicher, Du schaffst das. Schöne Frauen wie Du bekommen immer, was sie wollen. Oder hast Du schon mal eine andere Erfahrung gemacht?

  3. ChiefLickEmToe

    July 31, 2015 at 3:46 pm

    Goddess V, for those of us who donated to your campaign yesterday. Are the donations safe and still applied to your campaign?
    It’s not your red hair I promise. You are still beautiful even with you screaming and pulling on it!!

    • I am sure they are save! There was only a problem with the expire date of their certificate, I think no serious problem :*
      Thank you so much!

  4. Your storm of red hair is fantastic and can only bring good luck! 🙂
    /Fantastic, funny photo./

  5. Even bewitched you look good. 😉

  6. Technology can’t compete with your beauty V! You should be assured extra days for as long as the site isn’t running to be guaranteed the most possible time, to make up for their error. I hope they get it resolved soon. Glad Twitter did at least.

    • You are right, the most important is that twitter works again. They already offered me extra days. Thanks so much for your great support! :*

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