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Start-shoot for finalization phase

The crowfunding campaign is over. It was a big success, but it was also the start-shoot for the final publishing phase. A last editing phase for the details, reviews, coordination with the possible selling places like blurb and amazon, price finding, elaboration of a marketing and advertising concept, … and much more! The list of things to do is long. Therefore there isn’t time to rest!

Today I am doing the finishing of the book design and editing of my introduction text. It’s fantastic to see how the book is developing and I am soo… excited because now it seems within grasp. I nearly can’t wait to hold the first exemplar in my hands!

I hope you are also a little bit excited to see all the spectacular pics from my journeys. I plan to add a button on my page where you can pre-order without obligation soon. Just indicate, that you are interested and leave your email address and I will inform you as very first some days before the book sale will start!

More news soon also on my project side

Kisses your Vienna



  1. My dear V, if you have any questions or need my help (like before) you can always email me, I love to help!! ???

  2. Seeing pictures on Your monitor I know the book will be fantastic. We are exited to have it in hands also!
    Small request: Can You post more photos from this “working session”?
    You look so adorable in these long socks. I love it! :-*

  3. I am always excited for you and I am very excited that the book is actually taking shape! OF COURSE I want to know when it is finished and ready for sale. You know I want one.

  4. You are the best miam

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