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Become my assistant for a weekend

Hi Guys,

The first applications are already in, although I didn’t describe the job, hehe 😉

So let me tell you more about this project. You always dreamed about that your boss is looking alike?!


This is your chance!

For 2016 I offer a really great chance to meet me in person and work with me! Out of all book buyers from the first tranche (300 exemplars) one of you will have the chance to assist me for a photoshoot (GIRLS HAVE THE CHANCE TO JOIN) in a city next to your home or if you prefer any other city of worldwide which we will chose together (in this case you just have to pay the traveling cost for you).

Job Description:

As my personal assistant for a weekend you will get some important jobs before, during and after the shooting. This will be easy jobs like holding the equipment but also the responsible job of filming some making of videos and behind the scenes videos. You get a cam and make videos whenever you find it’s funny or naughty enough to film.


Additionally you will join two dinners with preparing and evaluation of the shootings.

Dinner Time 🙂



Buy my book I am (n)u(e)rban

Check out my books

Make a picture with you and the book and send it to: viennalove(at)


Write an imaginative reason why are just you the right man for the “job”. This can be things like: the city you choose is the most beautiful and you are the best guide to get there OR you are the most funny assistant I can get OR you are my greatest fan on earth (proof necessary ;)) …

What are your costs?

There are no costs for you if we are in your city. Otherwise you just have to pay your own traveling and accommodation cost (. No board is to pay (incl. 2 dinners!)!

What are you waiting for, make the first step and buy my book “I am (n)u(e)rban”

Check out my books

Send me your application with picture and become my trainee for a weekend!

IMG_6166Kisses your (BOSS) Vienna



  1. Love this idea! I still need to get the book, I know I’ve been a bad student/fan…but you know I’d love this!!

  2. I would like to buy the book but is it personalized from you?

    • Unfortunately the book is warehoused some thousand kilometers away … it’s not possible to sign when blurb send it to you BUT when you have it, you can send it to my adress together with the shipmemt costs (you can find the adress under “send me a letter”) I will sign it and send it back to you?! Hope my sign will not keep you away from buying … many kisses V

  3. Hi,
    Großartige Idee, auch wenn mir leider die zeit am wochenende fehlt, aber ich schaff es schon noch dich mal persönlich zu treffen ; ) . Dein buch hol ich mir natürlich auch noch : ) .


  4. Vienna, You are the best!
    I will send You my application, in a letter, next week.

  5. I want you to be my boss every day 🙂


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