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Vienna office adventure IV

Find below the hot fourth part of my office adventure. Use the last chance and get now the password to see all the hot videos in full special version! The new special with a new password will start soon …



Part IV

“Have a seat … lay back and enjoy!! I said to Matt and I began to dance for him …

>>>VIDEO 1 in special post available<<<

I was soooo… happy that he leaved the meeting to give me what I needed now … even I had some great masturbation fun before, it’s not the same than to enjoy his cock, …

I was so horny when I seated down on his lap and felt that he was already so hard, mmmmhhhh … now I wanted to have him in hands … I started to open his belt, than the buttons of his jeans and I could see, that my show for him doesn’t miss the effect 🙂

>>>VIDEO 2 in special post available<<<



I started to handjob him whilst I treated my wet pussy with the other hand … before I was going down on my knees …

My lips clasped around his hard cock and I felt how his cock pulsated in my warm mouth … 

>>>VIDEO 3 in special post available<<<

After all the foreplay, the selffun, hand- and blow job it was time to get his cock inside me … we both were no longer able to resist, …

It wasn’t the time for romantic cuddly sex … I want to have him from behind … my favorite position for days like this …

Matt fucked my from behind whilst I was leaning over the desk … and than he changed and seated down on the office seat whilst I was sitting on his lap having his cock inside me …

>>>VIDEO 4 in special post available<<<


We could’t stand this long before coming in the same moment … OMG! these are the days office I love!

THE END … :)))

I hope you enjoyed my january office special as much as I enjoyed this naughty office day! Don’t forget to send my your application 😉

Keep your eyes open for my next specials! … there will be something really new … and of course now when it’s getting warmer I will go out in public more!

Many wet and hot kisses 



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  1. Awsome last part. Did matt fuck your pussy or really from behind?


  2. Omg V! For those of us that have been fans since the beginning, you’ve finally answered our dreams of fucking Matt for us to see! I’m so turned on right now! To see you be pleased by Matt and the love and desire between you both is incredible! I hope to see more soon!!

  3. Wow, Vienna, I think all Your fans are speechless!
    This update exceed all my expectations. You are an angel with fantastic wild side.
    I so want to see more…
    Stay nude and happy!
    Your friend and admirer

  4. Dear Vienna
    You are amazing so beautiful. Please keep on fucking for us.(your fans)
    Loved your fuck story with Matt.He is so lucky.
    My cock is still hard for you. My balls need emptying.
    Luv u

  5. Smoking hot and I love to contribute some $$$ to watch the videos. Any chance to contribute by Paypal?

    • thank you :***
      paypal stopped working with me because of sexual content … unfortunately no chance to use paypal
      But you can donate via donation button, it’s ccbill. Till now I have only good experiences with them.
      Or you can buy my book and send me the confirmation no. by email
      Or send me a letter with a donation of your choice :)))

  6. Hi Vienna,

    thanks for your reply! Unfortunately Ccbill doesn’t support Mastercard… Can you add it as an option?

    Guess snail mail won’t make it in time for the January special….

    • it’s not so easy with mastercard. But if you mention that you like to have january password I will send you this, no matter when the letter arrives.
      kisses V

      • Can get January passcode?

        • two ideas: 1. if you buy my book send me the confirmation and mention that you want to have January password (I send you back a email with password very quickly) or send me a letter with a donation of your choice to Postfach 18, 2544 Leobersdorf, Austria (can take some time).
          kisses V

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