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I am (n)u(e)rban – 3 WAYS TO GET IT


Hi Guys,

I realized, that it’s not that easy to give everybody the chance to buy my book. Some of you wont buy at blurb, because I cannot sign the books which are purchased by blurb.

Therefore I found a way now to give everybody the chance to get a SIGNED book by donation with ccbill. But unfortunately, it seems, that not every creditcard or bank account is possible at ccbill.

What to do …??? Send me your donation by postal mail 🙂

So these are your possibilities:

1. Buy classical at Blurb

2. Make a donation with ccbill. You will find the correspondending amounts.





3. Send me a letter with your donation (according to ccbill amounts, 55 softcover, 65 hardcover) to:

Postfach 18

A-2544 Leobersdorf


Nothing more to write on the envelope. Don’t forget to give me your shipment address.


I hope now everybody will find the perfect way to get it, … 

Many kisses and thousand thanks to all supporter! YOU MAKE IT POSSIBLE 🙂

Stay tuned there will come exciting news about my visit at Valencia Sex Festival in June!


Kisses Vienna


  1. Vienna, You look so beautiful sitting at the edge of the fountain completely naked with storm of Your red hair and great erotic book in Your hands!

    …I just felt urgent need to underline this. 😀

  2. Vienna you are so bautifull but how do you manege from morality order?

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