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New campaign has been started

It’s already one year ago that we could succeed the crowdfunding campaign for my first book „I am(n)u(e)rban“. Thanks to all awesome supporters we could realize the launch in December last Year!

Now we are heading forward to the next step! Part II of I am (n)u(e)rban is in planning! As promised all incomes for part I were directly reinvested for new nude adventures. New York, London, Brussel, Rome these are only a short excerpt out of a long list of cities. 


To make it true I need once more your support! TODAY we start with the funding campaign for the 2nd volume of I am (n)u(e)rban to collect the financial resources for preparation and production of the book. Also this time I put together great rewards, which make it worth to come on board! 

Like last Year the highlights will be  personal meetings with a dinner or even a joint complete photo weekend.

All rewards will be presented step by step within the next days. Are you awesome?! 


Kisses Vienna


  1. Great news for all of us – Your fans!!!
    We will have fantastic Christmas gift this year: „I am(n)u(e)rban“ volume 2!
    I will be definitely backing Your kickstarter campaign!
    GO VIENNA!!! 🙂

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