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Goodbye France, goodbye Cap

Time flys. The fantastic holidays in Paris and Cap d’Agde are already over.
The hot nights of Cap are always a big highlight of the year. No other place in this world seems to be liberally like this one. No constrains, dress codes, … I enjoyed it so much to be (un)dressed how I like it.



Always on my side, Matt – the man behind the camera AND my loved hubby!


But also I enjoyed moving in public in most revealing clothes. And so I had a lot of fun also during our trips to the surrounded towns. And whenever it was possible I gave some explicit views to people around 🙂



I am looking forward to my next sexy adventures … plans are already done … let’s see what happens 🙂


Kisses your Vienna
BTW: We are working on the problem with the removed vids. If somebody can give good hints where to upload the more explicit videos I will be thankful!

Thx 1.500

You are fantastic – more than 1.500 subscriber in less than 2 months. This makes me really happy!
More of my french holidays will come soon! Keep your eyes open 😉





Sightseeing-Trip to Montpellier

I love to stay at Cap d’ Agde, but I enjoy it also to see new beautiful places. After Carcassonne in 2013 and Avignon in 2012 we decide to visit Montpellier these holidays. And we were more than surprised in a positive way about this very nice and historical town.
Of course I was Vienna-styled clothed. My complete transparent top was a special eye catcher and so I got again a lot of attention!




After some sightseeing we decide to have a coffee in a pub in the bohemian side of town.


It wasn’t planned to make nude pictures this day but I cannot resist to do so when I am at such a beautiful place, I am addicted to this feeling and so I decide to have a beer also there after the coffee before. But this time NUDE. There were only positive reactions around and I enjoyed it very much to sit there and drink my beer completely nude amongst the crow.


This makes my day 🙂 I was so satisfied and happy afterwards …


xoxo your Vienna

Cap d’Agde; Summer, Sun, Sexyness

The holidays are already in the second half now. I enjoy it to be myself here in Cap so much. No need to think about dress codes and all the people around love this place full of freedom you can feel this fantastic atmosphere always and everywhere.


During the last days we met again a lot of very kind people. Especially the meeting with a lovely dutch couple we already met 5 years ago was a big delight!
Also the meeting with Olivier, a long-time fan, who was brave enough to talk to me when he saw me on Thursday evening at Melrose bar was very nice. On the next morning when we met accidently on the way to have a coffee we used the chance to make a picture together and I am so thankful that Oliver agreed that I can publish the pic here on the blog.


Year for year one of my absolute highlights is to dance on the bar-table of Melrose bar. Showing off and dancing; two of my absolute favorites combined, it’s a fantastic feeling and I have so much joy when doing it! Especially to dance with the other girls touching their sexy bodies and to be touched all over by their warm and weak hands, to be rub with ice tubes when completely heated up … that’s so much sexness in the air, I love it! It is so pitty that there it is absolutely forbidden to make vid or pictures. But on the other hand only in this way it’s possible to keep this very unique place!


More about our very hot trip to Montpellier you will see soon. I advance a pic from a coffee break at St. Roche corner. What do you think happens later there … be curious!


Kisses V

Goodbye Paris … Hello Cap

When I woke up Monday morning I was a little bit disappointed because of the cold and rainy weather in Paris. So we could not go to Montmartre this morning. Actually I want to have a nude portrait from a local painter there. But my mood was increasing quickly when we were sitting for a relaxing and delicious breakfast and the prospect for warmer days at the mediterranean sea made me happy to.

D4 (2)

In the afternoon we left the wonderful city of Paris in direction Montpellier and from there to our target for a week Cap d’ Agde.
For the first evening at Cap I chosen a totally black-gold outfit, consisting only of golden high heels combined with some accessories like belt and chain. I love dancing and so we was at Melrose bar were you always can find fantastic sound and a heated party atmosphere full of sex and joy.

D4 (1)

Tuesday it was Matt’s birthday. After all the fully packed days in the last weeks we decide for a lazy day with relaxing on our terrace and at the beach. In the afternoon we were out in the city to enjoy a coffee and ice cream.

D5_terrace (2)
D5_coffee (2)

For the evening I had booked a table at a fish restaurant direct next to the beach. I was wearing only my pink suspenders, high heels in the same color and black stockings! Already when we were going to the restaurant I got a lot of attention and comments and this didn’t changed the entire evening, seems to be the perfect outfit hehe 😉
The sound of the waves and the warm wind made it a perfect dinner! Not to forget that we had a lot of fun with the waiter, who was really a funny guy. After dinner we continued the evening program at the Melrose bar and I enjoyed dancing at the bar-table.


These were two fantastic evenings and we met a lot of kind and lovely people. Now I am looking forward to 5 more coming now!
Kisses Vienna

Day 2 in Paris

The day started very early true to the motto early bird catches the worm. It was always my wish to have a photo of me in the middle of Champs Elysee and obviously I am speaking of a Vienna-style-picture. It was really cold this morning not the most comfortable conditions for making pictures but it also has a great advantage … I call it perfect nipple weather 🙂


Heated up by the exciting shoot in the morning I was in the naughty mood to do something really dare and so we decide to look for a typical parisean cofé house for a special nude breakfast. Because I am a good girl I asked the waiter and the guys inside if it’s ok to have breakfast with a nude redhead today, guess what they answered 😉


The last evening in Paris ends again with a delicious dinner. Afterwards we were in a bar close to the Hotel were we met some really crazy and kind guys. It was a big fun to do some pics together. Hope to meet them soon on my blog!



Kisses Vienna

Paris sightseing (first day)

OMG, what an exciting first day in Paris.
After breakfast at Bastille we started our “sightseeing” at Eiffel Tower.



Of course I’ve got a lot of attention when making pictures in only my sheer black dress. All the tourists and also the Pariseans (special greetings to the photographer Dominique) were so kind to me. A few guys were brave enough to ask for a memory pic.



But by far the most funny and also obscure scene was when I was adress by the police. There were a military-patrol at the ground of Eiffel-Tower and it seems that they informed the police that there is a woman wearing only a transparent dress with nothing beneath. So suddenly we were requested by one police man and one police woman to come with them to their station. In peak there were 5 policeman and 4 soldiers around me, that’s no joke!!! In this moment you could have fire a bomb completely out of interest of the security, unbelievable. I didn’t know what I made wrong because I wasn’t nude and asked if they didn’t have to do more important things, but they note my name and told me, that I can go to prison for 24 hours for what I did, … what? Then they called the head office and described the situation and as suddenly as they requested to come with they told us we can go, so really hard to understand the Paris Police …


We continued our sightseeing tour at Louvre and later at Place de la Concorde.


Now we are already back in the Hotel after a delicious dinner.


See you soon!
Kisses Vienna

Holidays in France – 1st day (on the journey)

Woohooo Paris on the way!!!


The question of the day was what to wear during the journey. Sexy and revealing this was clear, but of course I have a lot of options which comply with this attributes.
High heels are a must, even on a long traveling day. But how to cover or should I better say present the rest, hehe
I decided for a short wicked weasel skirt, of course without panties beneath. And up above I was wearing a transparent black top. Can you imagine all the views at the airport?! The only thing to decide was where to look first, my good visible titties or my 15 cm short skirt or my 13cm high heels …


The guy at the security check was completely nervous and when it make a beep he said amused “what can she hide?” So although I really was wearing nearly nothing I had to go to the security box with security guard, a woman about in my age. There was not much to touch for her and when I sit down to put on the shoes again the curtain already was open, so I gave a very explicit view …
During the flight one row in front of us on the opposed seats a young couple were sitting. I am not sure, but I think he recognized me in the moment we come in; however my outfit fascinated him very much. He was sitting at the corridor and so he was lucky to get some nice views. It was such a fun!



Now we already arrived, so PARIS HERE I AM!!!


Back from dinner! Like expected it was delicious just like my outfit 😉


Kisses your V

Preparing Holidays DONE :)

Foto 1

It was hard but these are the shoes I choose for our holidays in France 😉

Foto 5

… outfits PARIS

Foto 4

… outfits cap d’agde (nothing more for 7 days … heaven!!!)

thx for your suggestions :-*

Preparing Holidays ;)

Just two days till the holiday starts! Unfortunately I cannot take my whole wardrobe with me so I have to select. Especially the high-heel selection is a hard job. Which one to sort out …



But it is also hard to select the right dresses, tops, skirts, accessories, after all our first station will be the fashion capital Paris.



I need your help, how do you like to see me 😉
More of our holidays soon!
Kisses Vienna

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