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Out for Dinner in Berlin


That’s a perfect outfit for a hot dinner in Berlin … 🙂


  1. You are so gorgeous…

    Any man who could have a dinner with you in this Outfit would be the luckiest man on the world

  2. Great photo! Thank You for posting and keep on going :)))

  3. Wow! Can i join you for dessert? You’re gorgeous!

  4. I know what whould be on my menu – as starter, main course and especially as desert… A mixture of something hot, juicy and definitely very delicious. A very sexy dinner that makes lust for more, don’t you think, Vienna?

  5. Absolutely the best outfit for the German capital…marvelous. Ausgetseichnet!

  6. Amazing….hot kisses.

  7. Time to move to Berlin.

  8. What an esquisite woman, from head to toe. Dear Vienna you’re a woman “to die for” thank you redhead goddess!

  9. Hi, Vienna!

    You’re definitly the hottest girl in Berlin tonight!
    Kiss where you love…


  10. Need a video of you walking in that outfit, Vie. From behind and from the front…and maybe the side. But I will enjoy what I get. Just a suggestion. Thanks.

  11. That is in deed all you need. Slightly over dressed for the occasion, but who cares.

  12. Beregor Morkaninos Duaner

    September 28, 2014 at 8:09 pm

    Vienna…this is Art…

  13. Wow that pussy could be my dessert, well I’d take it as main leal 😉

  14. Love the bottomless thing.

  15. you are the perfect woman

  16. Vienna, you are exquisite!

  17. I would love to see a selection of outtakes from all the sets you have posted over the last few years. Your “rejects” are pure art for all of your fans!!!

  18. you next time full day nude work in public can try it …………. ? vienna love you

  19. I reallly really like the way you are dressed! It’s so very daring!

  20. Absolutely hot hot hot!! greatings from Salzburg

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