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Dancing through the streets

The washing on the line, canary birds tweets, the dishes clicking out of the old houses, it’s noontime in the city.

I am so happy, I feel like dancing … dancing through the narrow alleys of Lisbon’s old town Alfama.



  1. I would like to take a walk with You.
    Beautiful photo. I really like these shoes.
    Stay nude and happy!

  2. Incredible picture. Artistic. Congratulations Matt!

  3. Sehr sinnlich. Perfekt inszeniert. Danke

  4. Awsome! 🙂

  5. How did you keep the men at the end of the alley from ravaging you?? Oh what a sweet bottom. I have to admit that I was just a little disappointed. No, not with you, Vie. But in the reality it was a photo and NOT a video. I will survive and I appreciate all that you post. Sweetest of bottoms!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock hard….SWEET! I love your bottom, Vie…..Love, love, love!!! Think of me gently biting your bottom while flicking your clit with my index finger and my other hand pinching one of your lovely nipples. Am I raging….HARD….for you, Beautiful!! Thank you.

  6. Please don’t hurt yourself with those heels on the cobblestones…The combination looks too much like an invitation to a broken ankle…


  8. Come to Brazil!!!! Pleaaaaase =)

  9. Vie, those are awesome butt cheeks. It really looks as you were dancing, it’s a nice almost artistic pic. every inch of you is so great and that attitude you always display is lovely. As I always say: PLS KEEP ON POSTING

  10. Lovely V! You’re gorgeous! Beautiful shots!
    Keep those shoes, i love them!

  11. Another amazing pic. Did you make a vid of you, dancing in the streets? Lg

  12. Vienna, tu es formidable. Tu as le plaisir simple et naturel de l’exhibition intact. Merci pour ces partages. Mon plus grand rêve, être à la place de celui qui filme 😉

  13. Dear Vienna: Quelle femme Sublime!!
    Bold, Beautiful, so splendid. I love your red spirit! thank you redhead Goddess!
    P. S. I really like your shoes.

  14. Very nice exhib! Sensual, elegant and nice shoes ♥

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