Hi Guys,

I don’t know if you know the stories which gone around the world last year in the press. An amateur mobile video was going viral and within a short time, the press made a really cruel story out of it. With every article it increased what was going on with us. In the British sun they wrote we had sex direct in front of minors, it was completely ridiculous.

Now when I wrote emails to all editors of the papers which wrote articles about this story last October and told them what a great project we do and if they can report about it, I got NOT ONE SINGLE answer! Nothing, they completely ignored us. Especially Europa Press from Spain who was the initiator of all last year didn’t say sorry our mistake, but we will help you to spread your true story. No now than it’s not a public porn it seems to be completely out of interest for them. I am really sooooo… disappointed about this!

It’s great to have fans like you that make it possible even without help of press and media. It’s amazing what we reached! Nevertheless I will always try to convince everybody to active support my project because only with the support of you it’s possible to give so much nude urban exhibitionism stuff back to you and to get the other girls on bord. 

Every support for my kickstarter campaign is highly appreciate. 

And to all bonus blog members … TOMORROW 2nd part of Barcelona Toy Fun 😉 

Kisses Vienna