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My Nude Urban Styles

Yesterday I have shown some of my favorite sexy outfits.

Today some more of my favorite sexy outfits but this time in an urban context. To make a fotoshoot in a sexy outfit is one thing but to where transparent tops, mini skirts, revealing dresses combined with sexy high heels in daily public situations is another thing. I love all the reactions and the attention I provoke by wearing my own Vienna nude urban style 🙂

Some impressions of me wearing my “Vienna nude couture style” today for you … there will be a second and maybe a third part. Do you have ideas or wishes?!

Outfits (1)Isn’t it a top with the right lenght …

Outfits (12)Transparent …

Outfits (11)… and easy to lift 🙂

Outfits (23)I love this net top …

Outfits (21)… where my nipples pops out 😉

My favorite Cap d’Agde outfits for you in my next blog post :*

Kisses Vienna


  1. I think the net top with micro skirt are the best, but the first photo really underlines Your fit and sporty figure. These shorts are like made from rubber.
    I am always amazed. Do You buy those “skirts” and micro shorts, or do You make it Yourself?

    • thx dear Tanith
      the short and the blue dress are wicked weasel. the first top I created by myself. I often buy something hot and make it shorter or so ;)))


      • And this micro skirt is fantastic. It looks like normal skirt, bot it is a lot, a lot shorter. You are the best, for wearing it publicly! Thanks 🙂

  2. I was just sent this link of some sexy outfits. While watching it I could not help but think that you would look much better than any of the models.

  3. I’m a fan of the black, super-low-rise (leather? pvc?) tight trousers you’ve worn…

  4. I love all these too lovely sexy V! I agree, the tease and transparency is sometimes just as hot and thrilling!! I loved all these outfits, especially the blue dress!! ???

  5. Hi. Geniale Outfits und so angezogen, aber doch nackt 😉

    Ich würde ja mal gerne das ganze Outfit sehen dass du auf dem Bild anhast wo du auf der Mauer stehst. Eines der ersten Bilder die du vor langer Zeit in Voyeurclouds gepostet hast.


  6. We like you with or without dress.
    It’s a difficult decision

  7. The top you’re wearing in picture #1 is fabulous! Did you make it yourself? It is the perfect length and must be exciting for you to wear. Well, to be truthful I think that EVERYTHING you “wear” is wonderful.

  8. So much fun! love your wicked weasel shorts. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your sexiness.

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