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Thank you!


The next books were sent out to Allan, Lauren & Alan and Sean & Sara. Thank you all for trust in me and my project with buying “I am (n)u(e)rban”. It’s a pleasure for me to write in some personal lines. The book with personal dedication and fragrance 😉 is on the way to you now!


Let me know if you like it when having it in hands!

Kisses Vienna!

All you who believe in me and support our nude project are the engine. You run it! No matter if it is with buying my book as hard- or softcover version, as ebook or with your donation. It’s was everything keeps alive! Find below all links:

softcover or hardcover with personal dedication via ccbill

softcover or hardcover via blurb



Trip to Veszprem and Balaton Part II


Here we go with some more pics from the naughty trip to Veszprem and Balaton last weekend.

Today with some really hot additional pics in my bonus post 🙂 LINK TO BONUS POST

After dinner and a really hot photoshoot we left Veszprem in the afternoon for visiting the Balaton, Hungarians’ most famous and biggest lake.


Here I could finally wear my new hot wicked weasel swimsuit. It’s sooo… wicked to know that it’s becoming completely see-through when wet, I had to go to water all 5 minutes, hehe…

Both, the swimsuit and the hot pant are gifts from my great fan Bernie! I really hope you like your present on me 😉


Side Story about the trip:

To bring some additional “entertainment” and satisfaction into the trip I did a really exciting and naughty game with my fan Michael from Germany. He presented me a “magic motion” vibrator some weeks ago, which is controllable via app. So I wear this little friend inside me and from time to time he provided me some extra pleasure, woooow, … you can’t believe what happened with me during dinner.

Because it was such a great and naughty trip, I decided to come back to Balaton soon, if possible in July and of course again with Periscope and maybe some of you will be the lucky one who can give me some extra pleasure via “magic motion”! Would you like to control my vibrator?

Kisses Vienna

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Trip to Veszprem and Balaton Part I

Hi Guys!

This weekend was great and full of things which I did first time. We planned a trip to Balaton (really, my first ever) and the weather forecast made me really excited. 35 degree, yeah … that means I could go out as nude as possible, hehe. So decide for my shortest skirt and a sheer net top. In Veszprem only 20km away from the Balaton we decided to make a short lunch break. Some really hot pictures from this break today for you guys!


But I wanted to do something new, my wish was always to interact live with my fans and followers and so I decided to use Periscope for the first time. Are you one of those who joint my live stream? This was so exciting to know I be watched live now, I have to repeat this. The recordings you find here:

More about this naughty trip where I report about another hot live interaction  in the second part tomorrow. 

Kisses Vienna

Nude Fun and Dance at VSF

Some more pics and vids (Bonus Post) of last week in Valencia. Especially the dancing after-show was a great fun for me 🙂

Nude dancing and fun >>> Videos


Junior … my little “brother from another mother” hihi


To meet my fan Rául and to sign his hardcover exemplar was a big pleasure for me! Because he was in the same Hotel, he really used the chance to get to know me, since in the morning we had a common breakfast where we could have a great conversation.


Vincente – a wonderful guy! Have fun with my book!


2 actors, 1 exhib girl and 1 visitor …


I am nude, I am urban … I am (n)u(e)rban

I love dancing and being nude and most I love both together, hehe…

More fun and sexy videos in my bonus posts today HERE>>> VIDEOS


ONE PASSWORD FOR SO MUCH FUN 🙂 … and more to follow!

Waiting for?! – Bonus Pics

Valencia Park Pussy Flash SloMo – Bonus

Valencia in the Nude – Bonus pics

Build up of Festival Stand – Bonus Videos

Bodypainting in Hotelroom – Bonus Videos

Live Bodypainting at Valencia Sex Festival – Bonus Video

At the Festival – Bonus Videos

Nude Fun and Dance at VSF – Bonus Videos




Protected: Nude Fun and Dance at VSF – Bonus Videos

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At Valencia Sex Festival

2 days of fun, good mood, sexualized atmosphere, great people … Valencia Sex Festival 2016.


I really enjoyed it to come in contact with so much liberty people. Those relaxed atmosphere without feeling constrains is something special which is very rare at present.

Of course most I enjoyed it to walk around all the time nude. Simply doing everything but without annoying clothes, simply a great time.

But even me was sometimes clothed, … but in “Vienna-Style”, which means my boobies droped out of my very short top and my skirt ends in a high, that my pussy is free visible. Wonderful feeling! For me as exhibitionist a really perfect time. Maybe the place was not the right to sell books 😉 but for sure the right to have a lot of fun, hehe

It was also outstanding to meet all the great actors and exhibitors. I was really impressed how wonderful people they are. All the smalltalks and contacts were just full of love.

IMG_2343Posing with the Dancing Monkeys


Redheads by themselves – me and Irina Vega (@irinavega)

IMG_2149Together with Miss Eris (@misseris) – I love her dress 🙂

IMG_2128Conrad Son (@ConradSonX) – we had a great conversation! I think he really liked my project … bought my book 🙂

IMG_2419The joker 🙂

IMG_2415So cute 😉

IMG_2301Second part follows soon! Don’t miss the VIDEOS HERE >>> VIDEOS VSF


kisses Vienna

Protected: At the Festival – Bonus Videos

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Thinking about Periscope for Live Broadcast

image-676x506Laying in bed and thinking about being a bad girl … do you like the imagine of periscope broadcasts? Let me know! I am thinking about to use it this weekend when making a hot trip.

kisses Vienna

Live Bodypainting at Valencia Sex Festival

Hi Guys,

After we prepared the body-scripts in our hotel room (SEE HERE) we continued later with the drawings of the landmarks at the Festival.

It was very funny to be a living-canvas in a live art performance. I enjoyed to be watched and painted in the same time. First time that Pictor didn’t draw me on canvas but direct on me. It was a pleasure to me to present his work directly on my body.




Also from this session I love to show you some video sequences within a bonus post, which you can find HERE >>> BONUS VIDEO

No Password? >>> GET INFO HERE

Kisses “MUSA PELIRROJA” Vienna

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