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Working on “I am (n)u(e)rban” – 2nd part

Some more from me working on the book! Release day comes closer and closer!

kisses your Vienna


Start-shoot for finalization phase

The crowfunding campaign is over. It was a big success, but it was also the start-shoot for the final publishing phase. A last editing phase for the details, reviews, coordination with the possible selling places like blurb and amazon, price finding, elaboration of a marketing and advertising concept, … and much more! The list of things to do is long. Therefore there isn’t time to rest!

Today I am doing the finishing of the book design and editing of my introduction text. It’s fantastic to see how the book is developing and I am soo… excited because now it seems within grasp. I nearly can’t wait to hold the first exemplar in my hands!

I hope you are also a little bit excited to see all the spectacular pics from my journeys. I plan to add a button on my page where you can pre-order without obligation soon. Just indicate, that you are interested and leave your email address and I will inform you as very first some days before the book sale will start!

More news soon also on my project side

Kisses your Vienna


Facebook profile blocked

My dear fans!

just to let you know, my facebook account is currently blocked because my name Vienna is not according to the facebook rules … very strange … facebook decides about how  you can be named 😉

No worry we are working on it and I will be back on fb soon! we want to have a final and save solution!

kisses your Vienna


Bath- and Selfietime

It was a long day with much work and a 10 km run. After I relaxed and enjoyed a hot bath 😉 And yes I would take a good massage hehe

Just one idea – would you like a week with daily selfies of me in different situations? Let me know. Big kisses, with love your Vienna


Writing Letters

You make it possible with your support, so now it’s up to me to satisfy your rewards! So here is my little video and some snapshots which we took during writing the first letters.

VIDEO: <<<20150920_writing_letters>>>


Many kisses your Vienna

Choose your favorite Cap outfit 2015

All who visited the famous nude City Cap d’Agde know that to be nude in Cap is nothing special, especially during the day.

In the evening it’s a place of to see and to be seen. So creativity is asked to show yourself sexy packaged or unpackaged 😉

I loooove it to cloth myself in that way. High heels, sometimes stockings, belts, bracelets, necklace and often self designed accessories (Vienna nude couture) … BUT never with pantie and bra.

Here is a selection of some hot evening outfits I have worn at this year holidays … tell me your favorite!



For all new fans, in the links below you can find some more of my holiday adventures in Cap d’Agde:

<Cap 1>

<Cap 2>

<Cap 3>

<Cap 4>

<Cap 5>

<Cap 6>

<Cap 7>

<Cap 8>

<Cap 9>

Kisses Vienna

My Nude Urban Styles

Yesterday I have shown some of my favorite sexy outfits.

Today some more of my favorite sexy outfits but this time in an urban context. To make a fotoshoot in a sexy outfit is one thing but to where transparent tops, mini skirts, revealing dresses combined with sexy high heels in daily public situations is another thing. I love all the reactions and the attention I provoke by wearing my own Vienna nude urban style 🙂

Some impressions of me wearing my “Vienna nude couture style” today for you … there will be a second and maybe a third part. Do you have ideas or wishes?!

Outfits (1)Isn’t it a top with the right lenght …

Outfits (12)Transparent …

Outfits (11)… and easy to lift 🙂

Outfits (23)I love this net top …

Outfits (21)… where my nipples pops out 😉

My favorite Cap d’Agde outfits for you in my next blog post :*

Kisses Vienna

NUDE Outfits – choose your FAV :)

Hello my lovely friends – today its your turn 😉 !!!

Also for me its not possible to be nude  the whole time and so over the years a nice collection of hot and transparent, very short and sexy collection grow in my wardrobe, not to forget – I lOOOVE High Heels. And I can tell you – often its much more provocative and interesting to wear my nude couture ;))) I love the unbelieveable glances, how the people turn around and their talking 😉

Today I selected three outfits for you. Please let me know what’s your fav and how you prefer to see me (next to nude lol :-*)
_28A3666sporty – transparent white top with lowcut hotpant

_28A3536romantic – transparent white flower shirt and transparent light trouser

_28A3643sexy elegant – transparent black top with leather skirt

Thx to Joe for the wonderful pics
Kisses with Love, your Vienna

It’s done :)

woooooooohhhhhoooooooo… it’s done! I can’t believe that the campaign is already over. I feel like it was yesterday when we started with all the problems. First my twitter account was suspended for 3 days, than pubslush doesn’t work for a weekend and than we reached the minimum nearly in the last moment and this was like the start shot to a real explosion which make it possible to succeed in the end!

I am so excited for the 3 dinners and looking forward to meet  Joris, Stuart and Rainer! But not only the big amounts are important … all together make it successful!

No hollywood screenwriter could have written a better thriller. We reached the goal less then 24 hours before the end of the campaign. You are soooo… great! In  6 hours it will be over and there will be the stamp “successful” … I am simply speachless

In the next weeks I will work on the last details of the book design and on a sales and marketing campaign so that we hopefully will be on market till the end of the year. Isn’t it a great christmas present 😉 (maybe also for oneself, hehe)

Sure is already there will be also a ebook version available,

9 Cities, 1 book, 100% peaceful, 100% nude, 100% sexiness

Kisses your thankful Vienna

Just to let you know: every donator in Septmeber (also ccbill) will still get the pw for all the specials I did during the book campaign in the last 6 weeks

IMG_5695 (2)_modIMG_0216CM (91)Vienna_01IMG_6636IMG_0226IMG_7282_2_mod_01CM (51)_mod_01IMG_7008

Final Countdown

We are close to the end of my crowd funding campaign for my upcoming book “I am (n)u(e)rban”:

Although it didn’t seems like a success story at the beginning, the campaign launched into the final spurt with result exceeding the most expectations! WE ARE ON THE BEST WAY TO REACH OUR GOAL! It’s within reach to join the club of successful projects at pubslsuh. 97% are already achieved now let’s go for the missing 3%!
In advance we often heard: “You have no chance without public attention by papers and magazines”, so we tried to find editors who reports about the campaign but unfortunately none of them wrote an article. But we have shown: YES with the best fans it’s possible!
You are from all over the world and this fact makes me soooo… happy! Look at the supporters map:


I am very grateful for all supporters and I hope you liked all the additional stuff I posted especially for you this month!
All who are not sure so far 100% peaceful, 100% nudity, 100% sexiness AND xx additional hot blog posts especially for you, isn’t it reason enough?! Visit my campaign and look how the things develops.

Kisses Vienna

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